Social security services…new innovative ways to manage them soon


The Minister of Labor stresses the necessity of searching for innovative ways to manage social security services

The Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Faisal bin Taleb, confirmed that the search for innovative ways to manage social security services has become more than necessary today, highlighting the adoption of a scientific and practical approach within the framework of the government’s work program to upgrade public service.

Ben Taleb explained, during a national meeting held with the directors of the local agencies of the National Retirement Fund, at the Family Center of the National Social Insurance Fund for wage-earners in Ben Aknoun, under the slogan “Digitization is a governance tool for quality public service,” that the state is keen to provide optimal care for the category of retirees and those with rights. In recognition of their great contributions to building institutions, raising generations, and developing the nation’s economy.

The Minister appreciated the legislative measures framing retirement, which are reflected in the annual assessments approved by the President of the Republic, highlighting that approximately 3.8 million retirees benefited from these assessments, and the public treasury, along with the social security bodies, allocated a financial envelope of 600 billion dinars during the period 2020-2023. .

Ben Taleb stressed the need to search for innovative ways to manage social security services, and to adopt a scientific and practical approach within the framework of the government’s work programme, which aims to upgrade public service, restore citizen confidence, and completely move away from all forms of bureaucracy, including disseminating the information system for electronic follow-up. For retirees’ files, and raising the level of services.

On the other hand, the Minister indicated that the reforms and measures that the Algerian state has initiated since 2020 would contribute to enabling the national retirement system to overcome the interim financial situation it is experiencing.

The same spokesman noted that this will not be possible unless all actors work to increase the National Retirement Fund’s share of the volume of collections made by the National Social Insurance Fund for wage-earners, redouble efforts to expand the subscriber base, and work to include incentive measures that will attract activists in the parallel sector. To benefit from social coverage.

The Minister highlighted that winning the financial balance bet of the National Retirement Fund will remain valid, and requires recruiting all human energies and financial capabilities of the sector, within a comprehensive and integrated vision aimed at achieving the goals set in the government’s endeavor to preserve and strengthen the social security and retirement systems, as an embodiment of the obligations of the President of the Republic.

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