Snow closes roads and isolates villages in many states


Many states of the country witnessed weather fluctuations accompanied by large amounts of heavy rain, which turned into floods and torrents that caused the closure of many roads, causing various material damages. The National Gendarmerie also revealed roads closed due to the recent weather fluctuations, especially snow and high water levels, affecting several states.

A statement by the National Gendarmerie Services stated, on Monday, that the recent weather fluctuations witnessed in several states of the country in the recent period, caused the closure of several roads at the national level, explaining that National Road No. 33 in Tizi Ouzou at the level of the Assoul region of the municipality of Ait Boumehdi is closed due to the accumulation of snow. .

In the state of Bouira, the national road No. 33 linking the states of Bouira and Tizi Ouzou, exactly at the level of the region, Tekjda, municipality of Al-Asnam, and the district of Lakokar, municipality of Bachloul, is closed due to the accumulation of snow. The snow also caused the closure of state road No. 172, linking the municipality of Ishmoul, in the state of Batna, and the municipality of Bouhamama, in the state of Khenchela.

According to the same source, the rise in water levels caused the closure of National Road No. 17 in the Wilayat of Mascara, in its half linking the municipalities of Hussein and Mohammedia, exactly the place called Wadi Habra, Mohammedia Municipality, and State Road No. 52 at the level of the Salhiya roundabout, Beni Zantis Municipality, in Relizan, in addition to State Road No. 57. In the state of Annaba, at the level of Barquqa Bridge and the crossroads of the village of Al-Zaqa.

Meanwhile, the recent weather disturbances caused several traffic accidents, including a traffic accident in the state of Tiaret, resulting in the death of 3 people. Civil protection services intervened at 1:15 p.m., to cause a swerving accident and a car overturn, followed by a fire at the level of National Road No. 14, Ouled Bougdou circulation axis. , municipality and district of Tiaret.

Many areas also witnessed difficulty in traffic due to ice and snow, the accumulation of which at the level of main and secondary roads imposed real isolation on the residents of villages and winters, while heavy snow surrounded many families stuck inside their cars in mountainous areas, and the snow closed many national and state roads and even The municipality, which required the intervention of the concerned authorities to open it using bulldozers and snow plows.

In this context, a special meteorological bulletin warned, on Monday, of locally significant thunderstorms, accompanied by the fall of hailstones in quantities ranging from 20 to 40 mm and may exceed 50 mm. The validity of the bulletin extends until the third after noon on Tuesday, and the concerned states relate to all of Bejaia. , Tizi Ouzou, Boumerdes, Algiers, Tipaza, Ain Defla, Medea, Blida and Bouira.

A second special bulletin also warned of heavy thunderstorms falling locally, accompanied by hailstones falling in quantities ranging from 20 to 30 mm and possibly exceeding 40 mm. The validity of the bulletin extends until six o’clock in the evening today, Tuesday, and the concerned states relate to Illizi, Ouargla, El Oued and Touggourt. .

The police departments of various state security participated in the national traffic awareness campaign organized by the National Gendarmerie Command regarding traffic accidents related to weather fluctuations, under the slogan “Reducing your speed, you protect yourself and others.”

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