“Sidal” announces a 10 percent increase in the volume of its exports by 2025 – Algerian Dialogue


The President and Director General of the “Saidal” complex, Wassim Koueidry, said that by 2025, the complex expects to increase the volume of its exports by 10%, especially to African countries.
In a presentation by the Director General of the “Sidal” complex, about the activity of the complex, before the Committee on Health, Labor, Vocational Training and Social Affairs of the National People’s Assembly, this Tuesday, Kouedri pointed out that “Sidal” is the national leader in the generic pharmaceutical industry, and the first Algerian pharmaceutical laboratory that produces generic drugs in Algeria. .
The spokesman stressed that SAIDAL constitutes a tool for establishing the national pharmaceutical policy and contributing decisively to reducing the drug import bill, regulating the market, developing the national pharmaceutical industry, as well as achieving health security.
Qwaidari explained that the complex consists of 8 production units, 3 distribution centers, two support structures, and a research and development center whose mission is to provide technological support to the production units and develop new products, which is a new structure, as well as a center for bioequivalence.
The complex recorded an increase in its turnover from 14.6 billion dinars in 2022 to more than 18.5 billion dinars in 2023, and the level of production increased from 114 million units in 2022 to more than 128 million in 2023, according to the President and General Manager.
“Sidal” aspires to enrich its product list, provide innovative treatments for Algerian patients, ensure health security, and reduce the import bill while exporting abroad, the spokesman adds.
Regarding the complex’s strategy, Qouidari confirmed that it is based on the production of raw materials with the aim of increasing the integration rate, especially insulin crystals, antibiotics, in addition to “paracetamol”, as well as developing a group of Sidal products such as vaccines, eye drops and soft capsules.
The President and Director General of the complex stated before the Health Committee that “Sidal” is now a partner with many major international and regional laboratories, in order to expand the range of products into new therapeutic areas, especially anti-cancer medicines and medicines derived from biotechnology.

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