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Youssef Charfa assumed his duties as Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, after being appointed to head the ministry by the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune. After consulting Prime Minister Nazir Al-Arbawi, succeeding Mohamed Abdel Hafeez Hani, whose duties were terminated.
The ceremony of handing over and receiving the tasks took place today, Wednesday, in Algiers, at the Ministry’s headquarters, in the presence of the sector’s executives.
On this occasion, Hani thanked him “for the trust placed in his person by the President of the Republic for more than two years.” Taking the opportunity to thank the sector workers for the efforts they have made.
Hani pointed out the vitality and dynamism of the agriculture and rural development sector, wishing Sharfa success in his new duties.
For his part, Sharfa thanked the President of the Republic for renewing confidence in his person by appointing him as Minister of the Agriculture and Rural Development Sector. After he was at the head of the Ministry of Transport, he indicated that this confidence would be for him “a strong incentive and motivation to work with every effort to advance the sector.”
He thanked the new Minister Hani for the efforts he made throughout his tenure in this sector.
He pointed to “the great challenges to advancing the agricultural sector, which is considered strategic, as it is entrusted with the task of ensuring food security.” Which is considered an essential foundation for progress, development and achieving prosperity, which requires everyone to unite efforts and work towards embodying the commitments of the President of the Republic that aim to improve the standard of living of citizens.”
Addressing the sector executives, he added, “I am confident that you will spare no effort to achieve the set goals and work to continue the development process and highlight the vital role played by this sector.”

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