Seeking sentences up to the death penalty in the “Ben Ismail” case


Requesting penalties ranging from death to 10 years in prison against the defendants prosecuted in the Jamal Ben Ismail assassination case.

On Tuesday, the Public Prosecutor at the Criminal Court of Appeal in Algiers requested sentences ranging from death to 10 years in prison against the defendants prosecuted in the case of the assassination of Djamel Ben Ismail in August 2021, in Nath Erathne, Tizi Ouzou province, on Wednesday.

The Public Prosecutor requested the maximum penalty, which is the death penalty, for those accused of committing crimes related to carrying out terrorist and sabotage acts targeting state security, national unity, the stability of institutions and their normal functioning by spreading terror among the population and creating an atmosphere of insecurity through moral and physical assault on people and endangering their lives and security. With their property.

They also committed the felony of participating in premeditated murder, the felony of assault whose purpose is to harm the unity of the national territory, the felony of conspiracy, the felony of intentionally setting fire to cultivated fields resulting in the death of several people, the felony of torture, hate speech, and participation in associations, organizations, and groups whose purpose is or occurs. Its activities are subject to Article 87 of the Penal Code.

As for those accused of misdemeanors of incitement to armed gathering, incitement to violent attacks on public force personnel while performing their duties, incitement to sabotage the property of others, and creating and managing a website dedicated to promoting programs, ideas, news, drawings, or images that would incite discrimination and hatred in society, the Public Prosecutor requested The maximum penalty is 10 years in prison.

Through a lengthy plea, the Public Prosecutor confirmed that all the evidence, evidence, videos and investigations related to this case prove that the incidents of setting fire to, killing, and abusing the body of the young man Jamal bin Ismail in the Wednesday Nath Irathen area are an “orchestrated plot” hatched by a number of defendants “on the orders of the terrorist called Farhat Mohani.” To spread discord and harm the unity of the nation.”

The Public Prosecutor highlighted that it has been proven that 12 defendants are members of the terrorist “MAK” movement, with conclusive evidence. They set fire to the area on the direct order of the terrorist Farhat Mohani, and they misled the local residents that Jamal Ben Ismail was the one who did that, and the purpose of all of this is to instill discord and harm unity. Nationalism.

He explained that these defendants, whose “affiliation to the MAC movement was proven by their frank confession and by the electronic investigation of their Facebook account,” created an atmosphere of hatred, discrimination, and malice that made the other defendants carry out brutal acts on the body of the deceased, in addition to acts of sabotage and destroying the property of others. The ruling is expected to be issued within the next few days.

It is noteworthy that the Criminal Court of First Instance in Casablanca had convicted 94 defendants on November 24 of last year for committing the crime of murder and abusing the body of the young man Jamal Ben Ismail. Death sentences were issued against 49 defendants, and others ranging from 10 years to two years in prison were issued against 28 other defendants, while 17 defendants were acquitted in the same case.

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