Security overthrows a network specialized in money laundering with the complicity of executives in the administration – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia


In a new qualitative process, the central interest in combating organized crime (SCLCO) managed, in a painful blow to criminal networks, to overthrow an organized criminal network that is professional in fraud and fraud and seized 32 billion centimeters.

After the qualitative operation that it dealt with, earlier this week, by overthrowing an organized criminal network specialized in money laundering, and seizing large sums of money in national and hard currency, SCLCO was able to put an end to the activity of another organized criminal network, consisting of 7 people who are professional in defrauding and defrauding citizens, And the reservation of 32 billion centimeters, 27 in addition to a thousand euros and 12 vehicles of various brands.

According to a statement by the General Directorate of National Security, today, Thursday, this network was deluding its victims to benefit from the purchase of new cars subject to seizure and judicial dispute, within the framework of what they called the liquidation of administrative files for car assembly complexes, as its members resort to following a fraudulent method represented in luring victims out of By selling them in the first stage cars at low prices, to push them in a second stage to submit larger orders, which enabled the network to seize very significant sums of money, with the complicity of some executives from the public administration and a fake female employee who played the role of mediator in embodying these illegal transactions. .

The suspects, who revealed to the investigators the methods of their criminal plan and admitted their responsibility in the case of the case, were brought before the Public Prosecutor at the Bir Mourad Rais Court, on the issue of forming a criminal association with the intent to prepare for misdemeanors and felonies of fraud, abuse of position, money laundering, violation of the legislation on the movement Capital from and to abroad, impersonating an organized profession and intentionally concealing criminal proceeds.

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