School entry: Harnessing the necessary capabilities for people with special needs


Minister of Solidarity and Family, Koutar Krikou, during an inspection visit to the School for the Hearing Impaired in Rouiba

The Minister of National Solidarity, Family and Women’s Issues, Kawthar Krikou, revealed on Sunday the harnessing of capabilities and taking the necessary measures at the level of institutions specialized in education for people with special needs affiliated with the sector to make school entry 2023-2024 a success.

In a statement to the press on the sidelines of an inspection visit that led her to some of the specialized institutions affiliated with the sector in Ashour and Rouiba, to determine the preparations for school entry for this group, Kiriko said that the sector has harnessed “all capabilities and taken the necessary measures to take care of people with special needs, on the occasion of the next school entry.”

In the same context, she highlighted that the total number of children with special needs registered for the 2023-2024 school season “exceeds 30,000 disabled children, especially children with hearing, visual and motor disabilities, distributed among 239 institutions specialized in education affiliated with the National Solidarity Sector and 17 annexes.” In addition to 1,194 special sections.”

Regarding educational supervision, Keriko highlighted that the pedagogical staff in the sector’s specialized institutions includes “more than 15,000 supervisors, including professors, educators, psychologists, and social assistants, in order to accompany and provide pedagogical and psychological care for people with disabilities.”

Regarding pedagogical means, the Minister confirmed that the sector “provides the necessary pedagogical equipment and means in these specialized institutions, in order to facilitate academic achievement for people with special needs, such as pedagogical supports and school books, including those printed in braille for the benefit of people with visual disabilities, and in all subjects such as the English language textbook.” Allotted for the fourth year of primary school.

On the same occasion, Kriko indicated that “a budget has been allocated to provide more than 170,000 school bags at the national level for the benefit of children from needy families registered in the National Solidarity Sector, according to social investigations carried out by neighborhood cells.”
On the other hand, she indicated that the National Solidarity Sector is engaged in a campaign to clean and beautify educational institutions, in anticipation of school entry 2023/24.

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