School books, at regulated prices and within everyone’s reach


Today, Wednesday, the National Office of School Publications revealed that nearly 77 million textbooks have been printed for students of the three educational stages, on the occasion of the new school entry 2023-2024.

The same source explained that the prices of these books are “regulated and within everyone’s reach.” To ensure the proper functioning of the textbook sale process, the National Office for School Publications provided the point of sale located on “Zigoud Youssef” Street in the capital, with additional payment boxes, while harnessing all material and human capabilities to facilitate the process.

And according to the news agency, the official of the point of sale, Mahdi Makhlouf, indicated that a large influx of citizens was recorded to purchase books in anticipation of the new school entry.

For reference, the Minister of National Education, Abdel Hakim Belaabed, stressed in his previous statements the need to provide the textbook for students, and to ensure that it arrives within the specified deadlines, while harnessing all available capabilities for that, in addition to providing the digital book service and “bray” books for students with special needs. own.

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