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issued Minister of Health Population and Hospital Reform, Abdul Haq Sayhi, issued instructions requiring the initial preparation of the budget for increases linked to the Basic Law and the grants and compensations attached in anticipation of the issuance of the Basic Law for sector workers.

In an instruction, a copy of which “elhiwar us” has, relating to taking care of the professional path of health employees, copies of which were directed to health directors, general directors of university hospital centers, directors of public health institutions, and directors of national institutes for paramedical training, he ordered the chief official in charge of the sector to take care of the finances and all waste. Finance To be promoted in rank or grade before the end of August 2024 for cases suspended on December 31, 2023.

The Minister also called for taking care of all the situations studied during the meeting of the equal-member committees for the month of June 2024 before the beginning of the last trimester of the current year, and finally preparing for immediate administrative and financial responsibility for the new situations pertaining to health sector employees as soon as the basic laws and their compensation systems are issued, while providing the interests of the Finance Directorate. And the means with the resulting financial impact in order to provide the necessary financial appropriations at the right time.

Pending its issuance, health unions are demanding that they be able to obtain a paper copy of the new basic law to review its content and participate in controlling it before its disclosure, so that it is a fair law for all and free of any loopholes and imbalances.

The first reactions revealed the widening scope of anger in the sector, as unions expressed their bewilderment and deep regret at what was stated in this project, which, according to them, established “a lack of seriousness in dealing with groups that sacrificed their lives not long ago and who suffer from very many problems related, especially to their inappropriate professional path.” Clearly defined, because all the contradictions created by the project are logically reflected in the daily management of work in health institutions and serve as a solid basis for the emergence of problems and protests within these institutions.”

The National Union of Public Health Practitioners previously expressed its rejection of the draft Basic law draft For the corps of general medical practitioners and specialists, and confirmed its adherence to all of its proposals included in the draft basic laws and compensation systems, calling on the President of the Republic to intervene to guarantee its right to participate in enriching these projects..

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