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The Minister of Health, Abd al-Haq Sayhi, stressed the need to improve the mechanism for confronting the scourge of drugs and addiction, which has increased the concern of public authorities, and to coordinate multi-sectoral activity to achieve goals in this field.

Today, Monday, the Minister of Health, Abdelhak Sayhi, launched the activities of the International Day for Combating Drugs and the Abuse of Illicit Substances under the slogan “Activating the Mechanism for Prevention and Treatment of Addiction”, in the presence of the representative of the World Health Organization in Algeria, the representative of the United Nations Office for Combating Drugs and Crime, Central administration executives, representative of the United Nations AIDS Program, representative of the National Office for Drug Control and Addiction, health managers and health professionals, representative of the National Office for Drug Control and Addiction, where he stressed that the evaluation of the mechanism of prevention and treatment of addiction, with a focus on the challenges we face from Where structures and human resources. It will allow to draw a conclusion, following the discussions that will follow the current situation, as well as the proposals that will be recorded, to improve the mechanism that is taking shape in the face of a scourge that increasingly preoccupies the authorities, explaining that the coordination of activity within a multisectoral framework will undoubtedly contribute, especially at the local level, to the unification of Our entire society, public authorities, professionals, partner sectors, civil society and the media in order to achieve the goals that have been set.

In his speech on this occasion, the Minister expressed his sincere thanks to all the attendees of this important meeting from the various international and national bodies and organizations as well as the civil society that has been working tirelessly within the framework of prevention, in general, as well as against the risks associated with drug abuse over the years. Especially since the fight against addiction in general and drug addiction in particular has known important stages in our country since the seventies.

The Minister was keen to assure the audience that “Algeria has put in place a multi-sectoral framework to combat drugs. In addition to its participation in the prevention front from this scourge that our country suffers from, the health sector also participates on the other front, which is represented in the treatment that is provided to people who are victims of addiction who desire it. states approx. Significant efforts have also been made, in recent years, to enhance it with qualified human resources. This was represented in training within the framework of the Specialized Certificate in Addiction Science (CES), for the benefit of doctors, by organizing three courses in 2018, 2019 and 2022, respectively, in the capital, Blida and Annaba. A fourth batch was launched in Oran two months ago with the aim of strengthening the treatment staff in our country. “Also, a training course was organized on the method of treatment with stimulation sessions during the past year for the benefit of 50 specialists in intermediate centers for addiction treatment across the national territory, including doctors and psychologists.

The minister said, “Nevertheless, the challenge remains with regard to the stability and stabilization of these crews, which requires measures and court procedures in this regard.” As for treatment centers, whether hospital or neighbourhood, some of them still need constant follow-up and accompaniment due to the specificity of taking care of this phenomenon. For these reasons, we decided to take advantage of this opportunity with the participation of interventionists working in the field to develop an objective assessment of our health system in this field.

During his speech, the Minister highlighted the context that characterizes this year’s celebration, and that “

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