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The President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, has established the culture of a true state that respects its commitments and promises and is keen on its credibility towards its people. Among the vital and important issues that receive special attention is the issue of “respecting deadlines.” He does not miss an opportunity without stressing the government and officials’ duty to adhere to them. To preserve the state’s prestige and image at home and abroad.
There is not a single cabinet headed by President Abdelmadjid Tebboune without him – with his extreme care – emphasizing that the government is worthy of the people’s trust. It is absolutely obligatory for it to fulfill and respect all the deadlines allocated for completing projects, launching initiatives, or implementing decisions. There is no benefit in announcing a decision or action. Or a project if it is not implemented within its deadlines and time, or even before its due date. This is the credibility of the state that the president is working hard to establish, strengthen, and prevent from harming.
Respecting deadlines in implementing projects and decisions is considered a lofty goal for the President of the Republic, which he has not deviated from since he assumed the affairs of the country. Just as it is preserving the credibility of the state’s performance, it is also protecting the rights of citizens and meeting their concerns. It is also protecting public funds by preventing exceeding deadlines and thus increasing the cost. Projects.
The President of the Republic, who was committed to the ethics of public life, established “respect for deadlines” as a principle that cannot be avoided. It guarantees fair competition and equality, protects the rights of economic operators, strengthens the investment base, satisfies investors, and gains the state great credibility with its international partners. President Tebboune always warned his ministers against false promises. institution and avoid unreasonable deadlines.

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