Representative Habib Makki calls from the capital, Hanoi, for a balance between openness to global cultures – Algerian Dialogue


Representative Habib Al-Makki warned, today, Saturday, in the capital, Hanoi, of the dangers threatening the local cultures of peoples, especially in light of the digital transformation that many countries are seeking to achieve.

During his intervention in a session on the topic “Promoting respect for cultural diversity in support of sustainable development,” Representative Mekki stressed that Algeria is still continuing its efforts to achieve digital transformation, and in this regard, he cited the electronic portal launched by the Ministry of Culture to protect tangible and intangible heritage, as well as the digital archive laboratory. Cinematic.

On the other hand, Representative Makki warned of the dangers that could result from this openness, focusing in particular on the need to protect national identities from the threats of spreading hate speech and racism.

Makki concluded his intervention by calling on participants in the Ninth Conference of Young Parliamentarians to balance openness to global cultures and preserving local cultural identities, warning, at the same time, against attempts to impose values ​​on peoples.

Makki continued in the same context, encouraging dialogue between cultures, and pointing out the need to be careful to give priority to building awareness about cultural diversity to education and to the family, which also plays an important role in teaching the principles of empathy, respect for the cultures of others, and coexistence with them.

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