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Today, Saturday, deputies of the National People’s Assembly approved the draft law regulating the profession of judicial bailiffs and the draft law related to the protection and preservation of state lands.
The vote took place during a public session chaired by the Speaker of the Council, Ibrahim Bogali, in the presence of the Minister of Justice, Keeper of the Seals, Abdul Rashid Tabbi, and the Minister of Relations with Parliament, Basma Azwar.
After the vote, the Minister of Justice affirmed that the ratification of these two bills comes in the context of “continuing the reforms known to the national legal system with the aim of keeping all texts in line with developments and combating extraneous phenomena and deviations in society.”
In the same context, he considered that the vote on the project to protect and preserve state lands “is evidence of intolerance to the looting of state property and putting an end to it with the required severity.”

And he highlighted that the text of the law “obliges the competent authorities to take all proactive measures to stand up to all forms of infringement,” pointing to the development of “bold provisions obliging every official to ensure the performance of this duty with due diligence and to acknowledge his personal responsibility in the event of proven complicity, inaction, or abstention from carrying out the imposed obligation.” He has to protect the country’s lands.”
He added that this text “puts an end to all forms of laxity, indifference and disregard for state property.”
Regarding a draft law that amends and complements Law 06-03 that regulates the profession of judicial bailiffs, Tabib said that the deputies’ vote on it “indicates their interest in all aspects related to the judiciary in general and the components of the judicial family and judicial assistants in particular.”
He explained that the new provisions “contribute to the involvement of the judicial record in the field of combating money laundering and harming public funds.”
In turn, the Rapporteur of the Legal and Administrative Affairs and Freedoms Committee of the National People’s Assembly, Hussein Nakakaa, confirmed regarding the law related to the protection and preservation of state lands that “38 amendments were proposed by the deputies, 3 of which were accepted with the proposal of two new articles by the committee to reduce the phenomenon of encroachment and appropriation.” on state lands.”
Regarding the draft law that regulates the profession of judicial bailiffs, he mentioned that “31 amendments were proposed, 4 of which were accepted.

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