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Today, Saturday, the Minister of Public Works and Basic Installations, Lakhdar Rakhroukh, revealed the launch of new projects in Algiers in the coming weeks, with the aim of reducing traffic congestion.

In a press statement on the sidelines of his supervision of the opening of a symposium organized in the capital by the Algerian Roads Association on “digitization and monitoring of facilities using the building information modeling system,” Rakhroukh said, “In the coming weeks, projects will be launched to reduce traffic congestion in the capital.”
He added: “There are other projects that we are considering in the field of public transportation, which will allow reducing the use of cars,” stressing that public transportation is an important means of reducing traffic congestion.
He pointed out that the completion companies work in shifts in order to reduce the completion period, while being careful not to disrupt traffic.
On the other hand, the Minister noted that Algerian companies control the completion of various technical installations, “which allowed them to complete projects in a number of countries,” highlighting at the same time the importance of interaction with foreign companies.
During his speech at the opening of the symposium, in the presence of the President of the National Economic, Social and Environmental Council, Sidi Mohamed Bouchnak Khalladi, Mr. Rakhroukh confirmed that the building information modeling system will be integrated into the pedagogical programs of both the School of Professions and Public Works in the state of Djelfa and the Higher School of Public Works Mining in Algiers.
In this context, the Minister indicated that the Ministry is in the process of preparing the conditions for launching the training process at the level of the schools of Djelfa and the capital, as well as preparing the composition of the pedagogical programs for these two institutions, expressing his hope that the Algerian Road Association will contribute to preparing the composition of these programs.
He also considered that using the building information modeling system as one of the digital systems would allow for improving the management of project completion, pointing out that this falls within the framework of his ministerial department’s efforts to develop digitization tools, especially as it is working to disseminate this technology across various projects.
Rakrokh stressed the need to give the necessary importance to road maintenance and include this at the beginning of the project design.
He highlighted that the road network in Algeria exceeds 141,000 km, of which approximately 8,900 km are highways and motorways. This network also includes 11,595 bridges and 48 tunnels, pointing out that the sector programs that are under implementation “aim to develop and modernize this network.”
He considered that this symposium, organized under the slogan “Digitization, for practical, safe and sustainable infrastructure,” will allow the exchange of experiences between professionals active in the field of roads, to find solutions to the problems raised in the field.
For his part, the President of the Algerian Roads Association, Shiali Farouk, explained in his speech that “modelling” of building information is “a digital approach to the design, construction and management of infrastructure projects, in which reliance is placed on the creation and use of an integrated three-dimensional computer model that contains all Information necessary to design, build and manage a building or infrastructure.”
Building information modeling allows for more efficient cooperation between the various actors in any project, improves the quality of work and reduces costs, according to Shiali, who pointed out the importance of applying this technology in Algeria because of the “enormous potential to improve the efficiency and quality of public works projects.”

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