Raising the national flag at the shrine of the martyr on the occasion of the 69th anniversary of the outbreak of the liberation revolution – Algerian Dialogue


The national flag will be raised tonight at midnight at the Martyr’s Shrine (Algiers), in celebration of the 69th anniversary of the outbreak of the glorious Revolution of November 1954.
The ceremony of raising the national flag, in the context of commemorating the 69th anniversary of the outbreak of the Conqueror Revolution in November 1954, under the slogan “The Revolution of Heroes and the Era of Men,” was supervised by the Minister of Mujahideen and People of Rights, Mr. Eid Rabaika, in the presence of a number of government members, national figures, mujahideen, and officials of revolutionary organizations, institutions, and national bodies. And the collective movement.
Before raising the national flag, the Minister, accompanied by the audience and a number of Mujahideen, toured the National Museum of the Mujahideen, where important stations were recalled from the path of our country’s national history, which is full of achievements, especially the glorious Liberation Revolution (1954-1962).
In a speech he delivered on the occasion, Minister Rabeka praised the “loyalty and pride” of the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, to the memory of the righteous martyrs. He also praised the “stability, tranquility, and elements of growth and prosperity” that our country knows under the leadership of President Tebboune.
After the Minister renewed Algeria’s solidarity with the brotherly Palestinian people who are being subjected to “barbaric bombing in the Gaza Strip by an enemy that has trampled on all human values,” he stressed that Algeria’s position on the Palestinian issue, expressed by the President of the Republic on more than one occasion, is “a facet of “Aspects of loyalty to our national history and the values ​​of the statement of November 1, 1954.”
In the same context, he explained that the Algerian people “will continue today and tomorrow to support the legitimate right of the Palestinian people to establish their independent state with Holy Jerusalem as its capital.”
Finally, the Minister paid tribute to the People’s National Army, descendant of the National Liberation Army, as well as to all the security services that watch over the country’s security.
On this historic occasion, the opening of the book was read out of mercy for the souls of the martyrs of the liberation revolution and the martyrs of Palestine. A number of male and female mujahideen were also honored in gratitude for the sacrifices they made for the sake of Algeria’s independence.

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