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The Sub-Director for Forest Property Protection at the General Directorate of Forests revealed, Said FreitasToday, Thursday, it announced raising the level of preparedness through proactive work by forestry services with 24 ministerial sectors and national institutions, in addition to arming itself with “Drone“To repel the specter of forest fires.
When he appeared as a guest on the “Morning Guest” program on Radio One, Freitas announced that the General Directorate of Forestry, in partnership with thirteen ministerial sectors and eleven national institutions, in addition to civil society, had launched proactive and forward-looking work to raise the level of Alert state And coordination between the concerned sectors, with the aim of preventing forest fires by developing a national strategy based on diversifying the means of intervention and increasing the number of fires Degree of alertness Early warning and rapid intervention to prevent fires.

The spokesman added that his interests are keen to diversify the equipment and means of intervention through which readiness and effectiveness of firefighting are increased. In this context, “Guest of the First” revealed that among the equipment that was monitored for the first time were drones, saying: “We introduced Drones to monitor forests most vulnerable to fires.” He added that this device is very effective in monitoring and controlling forest masses.

The spokesman continued: “Since January, we began carrying out preventive work, including building and renovating observation towers, opening forest paths, establishing several water points, and digging anti-fire trenches in various forest blocks, in addition to recruiting mobile convoys, especially at the level of the states most vulnerable to fires.” “And establishing mobile patrols to monitor forests.”

In his speech, Freitas revealed that the interests of the General Directorate of Forests monitor 4.1 million hectares of forest areas in Algeria, concluding by stressing that 99 percent of fires in the Mediterranean climate are due to the human factor, through intentional or unintentional wrong actions. .

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