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Raising the National Secretary General of the National Organization of Free Students Boukhbla Riyad A number of concerns related to the pedagogical and service aspects during the meeting that took place Student representatives With sector official Kamal Badari. Among them is the issue of raising the budget of student organizations.

During the meeting that took place on Saturday, February 24, and brought together the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Professor Badari Kamal, and in the presence of the Ministry’s executives and heads of organizations to discuss pedagogical and social issues, Riad Boukhbla spoke about a group of issues related to both sides, including the call to raise the budget for activities allocated to organizations. Students, noting the need to allocate it and separate it from the allocated activities budget For clubs Scientific.

The same speaker also stressed the need to open the door to dialogue with Social partners By the directors of university and service institutions, to contribute more to maintaining the stability of the Algerian university.

Not far from that, he said Administrator The meeting was also an opportunity to allow student-athletes who fall under the student-athlete decision and hold a specialization card to eat subsidized meals that cover the effort they exert during university sports competitions.

In addition, Boukhabla called for increasing the quantity of meals provided to university students, taking into account their quality, monitoring the extent to which the content of the weekly program is implemented, monitoring the quality of the goods provided and their labeling, which must be of high quality, in addition to taking into account the traditions and privacy of each state and each region across the country.

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