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Today, Sunday, the Minister of Mujahideen and People with Rights, Eid Rabika, in Algiers, supervised the official launch of the mobile application “History of Algeria 1830-1962”, coinciding with and closing the 60th anniversary of Algeria’s independence and commemorating the 61st anniversary of the Independence Day marked with the slogan “Algeria of victories, gains and achievements.”
And the application allows viewing the stages of national history and its data from 1830 to 1962 through the smart phone with a methodology and an elegant and simplified method to convey the message of the mujahideen to all Algerian youth, by adopting methods that adapt to the requirements of today’s youth, so that this digital platform becomes an interface for Algeria through historical content that has significant implications. Symbolism that reflects the glorious history of Algeria and its civilization, under the supervision of professors, researchers and specialized academics.
It aims to contribute to the transfer of the values ​​of the glorious revolution of November 1, 1954 through information and communication technology, which has been advanced to reach it in the world of digitization through the project of the digital platform “Algeria of Glory” that was launched during July 2022 and the mobile application of the history of Algeria 1830-1962, which is considered A container of national memory and a historical, scientific and academic reference.
And by the way, Mr. Rabika confirmed in a statement to the press that the application “is an integrated whole around the episodes of our national history, in which modern technologies of information and communication were used in order to fulfill the right of the martyrs and the national history its right by communicating it to the rising generations.”
He added that such an achievement aims to “preserve our national history in a manner required by modern technology to enable our youth to acquire correct historical knowledge and culture.”
And this application comes in the context of implementing the directives of the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, regarding the adoption of digitization as an important step in the path of preserving and preserving the national memory and communicating the message of the ancestors and the November Revolution, especially to the younger generations, depending on the various available media.
The task of developing this platform has been entrusted to a small enterprise composed of young Algerians with experience and competence in the field of technologies for developing web and mobile applications, as well as in the field of manufacturing and developing hologram technology.
The latter was developed and designed in a modern and responsive manner with various mobile devices, and the latest programming languages ​​for mobile technologies were used in it.
By the way, a model presentation of a hologram of the personality of Prince Abdul Qadir was presented, in an interactive three-dimensional manner, based on animation using a special hologram stand, to give more realism to the historical figures that were designed and related to the popular resistance, the national movement, and the victorious liberation revolution.
This technology is adopted at the level of museum institutions affiliated with the Mujahideen sector (the National Museum of the Mujahid – the regional and state museums of the Mujahid) and comes within the framework of developing museum work by adopting digitization, virtual visits and other modern technologies in museum work.
The Algeria History application is available for download on the website of the Ministry of Mujahideen and Rights Owners and the “Algeria of Glory” platform, and soon on the play store and app store.

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