Rabeka confirms that the sixtieth independence celebrations achieved high goals in preserving memory – Algerian dialogue


The Minister of Mujahideen and People of Rights, Eid Rabika, confirmed, on Sunday in Algiers, that the celebrations commemorating the sixtieth anniversary of the restoration of national sovereignty achieved “lofty goals related to preserving national constants, preserving memory and defending national identity,” in implementation of the instructions and decisions of the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune. .

During his hosting of the second edition of the Algerian News Agency forum, in the presence of the Minister of Communication, Dr. Mohamed Laqab, officials of revolutionary family organizations, mujahideen, and children of martyrs, Rabeka said that the achievements of the Sixties of Independence, which all sectors had a special program to revive, achieved “lofty goals related to preserving national constants, protecting memory, and defending National identity,” stressing that the Algerian state attached “great importance” to this historical event, “as an embodiment of the high decisions and instructions of the President of the Republic and his special care for the national memory file.”

The minister explained that the program to celebrate the sixtieth of independence relied on “methodology and diversification of channels for communicating national memory and was carefully drawn up,” based on the military parade organized by the Ministry of National Defense on July 5, 2022 and the “important messages it carried at home and abroad,” adding that the sector began after… This is in the embodiment of many programs, such as the design of the great historical epic “Behold, bear witness,” in which young people from all regions of the country participated, as well as the show epic “Aya.”

In response to the requirements of modernity and the requirements of youth – the minister adds – many electronic platforms specialized in national history have been launched, such as the “Algeria Glory” platform, which is considered the interface of Algeria historically and culturally, through which the browser from inside and outside the country explores the history of Algeria, in addition to another adapted application concerned with historical events. For the period extending from 1830 to 1962, with the aim of “facilitating access to historical information through modern technological means.”

On the same occasion, the Minister touched on the sector’s efforts with regard to implementing the directives of the President of the Republic to adopt digitization as a step in the process of preserving national memory, noting that his ministerial department is in the process of “updating and modernizing all its information systems by connecting all its affiliated institutions with optical fibers.” He added that the Ministry has proceeded with “Openness to modern technologies to convey the lofty values ​​of the mujahideen and martyrs and their noble message.”

Regarding writing national history, Mr. Rabeqa explained that his sector “depends on an academic scientific approach that draws on the living testimonies of the Mujahideen and their memoirs,” noting that in the context of celebrating the sixtieth of independence, “150 new titles were printed that were chosen objectively by specialized committees and scientific councils.”

In implementation of the instructions of the President of the Republic related to diversifying the tools for communicating national memory, especially the audiovisual field, the Minister said that his interests relied on documentary works, as “46 audiovisual works” were completed in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture.

The Ministry of Mujahideen also prepared – as he added – “18 works that include long films and thematic documentaries that touched on several aspects of the glorious liberation revolution, such as devoting the role of women and children, and among them are 3 long historical films, one of which will be shown, which is related to the leader of the second historic state.” Zigot Youssef on the occasion of the 69th anniversary of the outbreak of the Liberation Revolution, where the other two films about the leaders Si Mohamed Bougherra and Si Hawass will be shown on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Glorious Revolution (November 1, 2024).”

He also pointed out that “a special program is currently being prepared to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the liberation revolution.”

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