Qurayya: Victory is coming, Palestine – Algerian Dialogue


The head of the Democratic Youth Front for Citizenship, Dr. Ahmed Qurayya, expressed his regret over the series of horror directed by the brutal Zionist entity, and the continuation of the machine of killing, intimidation and torture practiced by the Zionist occupier on the Palestinian people, as it assaulted their sanctities and property, prevented them from their right to life, and violated the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Ahmed Qoraya called on the international community and the Arab and Islamic countries to follow the example of Algeria’s position in support of the Palestinian cause and its support, in order to put an end to the genocidal war launched by the occupying entity that forced the Palestinian people, and attempted to Judaize them and erase them from existence, as the bloody massacres they launched left behind The Zionist occupier destroyed buildings, caused human losses and wounded, using internationally banned weapons on a people whose only sin was that they refused to give up their land and seek refuge from their religion and identity.

In the same context, Qurayya pointed out that the Zionist enemy excelled in killing the elderly, children, women and youth of the Palestinians, and that this brutal attack will not discourage them, but rather all of this is considered fuel for the Palestinian revolutionaries and will push them forward and will strengthen their adherence and continuation of their fair revolution and the defense of their just cause. Qurayya said, “I affirm my full solidarity and add my voice to the voice of the Algerian people and government with the brotherly Palestinian people. I also affirm our pride in Algeria’s position of permanent support for the Palestinian cause.” He added, God willing, Palestinian victory will inevitably come, and that what is happening now to our Palestinian brothers at the hands of the occupying entity is comprehensive destruction. It will give them a strong impetus until victory, and Jerusalem will remain the eternal capital of the sister State of Palestine.

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