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On the 62nd anniversary of the events of October 17, 1961

The head of the Democratic Youth Front for Citizenship, Dr. Ahmed Kouraya, said that France committed crimes against the Algerian people since it set foot on the land of Algeria in 1830, and its aggression against a people who refused to live under an entity that it wanted to erase from existence continued, so they rose up against the French tyrant and fought him inside the country and on the other. Its lands are at the heart of its home, and among those historical milestones that will remain present in our collective memory and in our conscience are the bloody events of October 17, 1961, when the French police governor, Maurice Babou, the butcher, drowned the peacefully protesting Algerians in the Seine River, and its waters turned from flowing water into red torrents of the blood of the Algerian martyrs.

The statement of the Democratic Youth Front for Citizenship today stated: On this day, October 17, 1961, Algerian immigrants in France went out in peaceful marches on the orders of the National Liberation Front, demanding the freedom of their homeland, Algeria, and they were surprised by gunfire from the French police under the command of the Paris police governor, Maurice Babou. They were thrown into the Seine River, which became an eyewitness to the scene of the heinous crime that contradicts humanitarian and international norms. It is a full-fledged crime committed against immigrants who were jealous of their homeland. The same source added that the anniversary of October 17, 1961, which we remember today as it enters its 62nd year since that year. The heinous crime will remain entrenched in the imagination of successive generations throughout history, because it represents a very important stage in the history of the glorious liberation revolution, and will remain immortal for the eternity of this fulfilled nation…

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