Putin: Russia has great respect for the Holy Quran, and disrespecting it is a crime – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia


Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed that disrespecting the Holy Quran in Russia is a crime, unlike some other countries.
Putin said: “Russia has great respect for the Qur’an and the religious feelings of Muslims, and the lack of respect for this holy book in Russia is a crime.”
He noted that this is not common in all countries.
He added, “It is sacred for Muslims and for others. We know that other countries act differently, they don’t respect people’s religious feelings and they also say that this is not a crime.”
He stressed that mutual respect and brotherhood between Christians and Muslims strengthen the unity of the Russian people.
Putin addressed the imam of the Friday mosque in the city of Derbent, Dagestan, Sedyakhia Sedov, saying: “Praise be to God, thanks to clerics like you, we have strong coexistence and peace between religions and sects in the country.”
And he continued: “The Patriarch of Moscow and all of Russia teaches Orthodox Christians to maintain this state and all the time he tells us: “Muslims are our brothers.” This is the reality, and this strengthens the unity of our multinational and sectarian people, but it is united.”

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