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Economic analyst Dr. Abdel Rahman Hadif confirmed this Monday that Algeria seeks to rebuild a strong and new economic system.

Hadif explained on national radio that Algeria embarked two years ago on a comprehensive economic transformation project, structural reforms in the body of the economy and other financial reforms, indicating that priority is given to sectors that have a direct impact on the life of the citizen.

He praised the decisions of the President of the Republic in the last Council of Ministers, as he affirmed that the state will continue the general rehabilitation and emerge from the effects of the previous stage, whose results were disastrous and whose consequences were very dangerous for the country.

The speaker pointed out that the context existing in Algeria is not unique to it and is the result of the imbalances existing in the global economic system, as the world is still experiencing the repercussions of the crises it has gone through, such as Corona and the crisis of Russia and Ukraine, which have greatly affected supply chains, production and inflation, a phenomenon that has become structural rather than circumstantial. Which led to higher prices.

Regarding strengthening governance in sectors, Guest Al-Sabah stressed the need to change the methodology in daily functional work at the level of government bodies by developing a digital platform to monitor and count all decisions and implement them in scientific ways.

The economic expert believes that it has become necessary to establish mechanisms and develop mechanisms that allow achieving goals, especially those related to foreign trade and the promotion of exports. Therefore, it is important to rectify some of the shortcomings that were recorded in the past years, and among these shortcomings is the delay recorded in the financial system, which is supposed today. To operate according to very advanced standards and foundations, and thus the trend came towards improving and modernizing this system.

Regarding the decision of the President of the Republic related to counting, following up and evaluating all decisions taken in the Councils of Ministers, and listing those that have not been implemented, Hadaf said that the internal regulations of the interests of the Presidency of the Republic have recently been reformulated, which allows for the follow-up and evaluation of the implementation of decisions taken at the level of the Council of Ministers and will give a new methodology in work.

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