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Nasbara Sayed Ali

In their interview with Al-Hiwar, specialists in economic affairs appreciated the decision of the President of the Republic, the judge, in the last cabinet meeting, ordering the government to bear the purchase of farmers’ products to protect them from spoilage, within the framework of establishing a national office for agricultural products, storing them in cold rooms, and preserving the strategic national stock of products. Agricultural and food sector, considering this decision a great reason as it will make the farmer maintain his professional activity, work to provide products at reasonable prices, eliminate speculation, and protect the market from the scarcity of agricultural materials, which are sold at reasonable prices throughout the year. It is also considered a good mechanism that improves the agricultural sector on the one hand, The farmer is spared the financial loss he suffers annually due to the presence of surplus production, which forces him to reduce prices so that he, as a producer, can bear the burden of the market. They point out that establishing offices and purchasing products by the government directly from the farmer will work to stabilize the farmer, the market, and the consumer alike.

Creating an interface dealing with agricultural products is a sound step

In the same context, the economic expert, Dr. Bouhous Bou Sheikhi, in his statement to Al-Hiwar, appreciated the decision of the President of the Republic, which was stated in the Cabinet’s statement, which included giving orders to the government to undertake the purchase of farmers’ products to protect them from spoilage, within the framework of establishing a national office for agricultural products, and storing them in rooms. Cooling is a correct decision because it is based on regulating the farmer’s profession by purchasing the farmers’ surplus production. Dr. Bouchikhi said, “I had previously called on the higher authorities to regulate the farmers’ profession in many previous statements, and I was calling for the formation of a public or private economic institution that would withdraw the surplus for storage, transfer, or Export, so that the real farmer does not suffer loss, and so that crises and scarcity do not occur in the following year

Market regulation ensures price stability and preserves the farmer’s profit

Economist Bouhous Bouchikhi believes that in order to reach the effectiveness of this decision and for it to take effect on the ground, 58 offices must be established in this context and 1,451 cold stores equipped with as many municipalities across the country as we can eliminate the fake market economy and control the market with a new mechanism, provided that the quantity of stored products has a relationship to the number of population, explaining that the word socialism was used in order to sabotage the Algerian industrial fabric, and overnight we became a large market for poor Turkish and Chinese goods, dependency, and the structural crisis linked to oil and gas prices, and we have the economic miracle in Surah Prophet Yusuf, peace be upon him, and we know that There is a divine order to form the first public economic institution that collects and stores wheat and then disposes of it at fair prices, and not the law of the jungle, the burden on whomever bears it, competition, and the false law of the market. I point out here that the office that the president ordered to be established will preserve the dignity of the farmer, preserve his product, and ensure abundance in the market, and thus there will be comfort. For the consumer.

We are ready to provide free consultations…

On a similar level, Dr. Bouhous Bouchikhi stressed that we must return to the national corporate system. We are not calling for a repeat of failed experiments, but rather within a new approach that will be through the integration of universities, scientific research, innovation, the absorption of university graduates, gray materialism, science, new means of control, digitization, transparency, and management of public affairs. And entering into the process of upgrading the bureaus that the president ordered to be established, in the hope that this matter will be embodied in the field, and for our part, as scientific research centers for various universities, we are ready, adds the same expert, by providing free consultation services in this regard without resorting to foreign studies offices to drain hard currency. The world is now In the era of the social economy model, where the private sector and the public sector coexist side by side within the state’s strategy for comprehensive development, economic take-off, absorption of university graduates, planning, digitization, intelligence, innovation, and fair prices in the right place and at the right time, and to launch this initiative, we hope that the message reaches the highest authorities. We care about the good. The general situation of the country and its people, the absorption of university graduates, and unemployment among young people in general…

An important step in the policy of rationalizing the national economy

For his part, the economic expert, Dr. Mukhtar Allali, explained in his speech to “Al-Hiwar” that it is necessary in order to give confidence to the farmers in order to connect them with their families and provide an atmosphere for this while purchasing the products in highly hygienic conditions by the government and storing them for other periods, and that this measure It will make the farmer the owner of the initiative in the future, and accordingly these offices and warehouses to preserve products from spoilage will have a major and very important role and an important economic process that falls within the rational policy of the national economy.

Correct all imbalances in line with the decisions he made before

Speaking about the Corrective Law of 2023, Dr. Mokhtar Allali said that the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, had taken strict measures, according to the statement of the Council of Ministers, as he gave many directives to the ministers in order to correct all imbalances in line with the decisions he had taken before, and also in response. With the necessity of fortifying the purchasing power of citizens and strengthening the internal front, this is according to him by giving a new dynamic first in order to correct the financial imbalances, foremost of which is rationalizing expenditures in the ministerial sectors and also in order to support the purchasing power of the citizen, and this matter, the speaker himself adds, calls for the ministers to go to the field, as The corrective law calls for structural correction, especially since the stage before last August 31 was evaluated to what extent the implementation of the Basic Finance Law was implemented, and therefore we can say, according to Dr. Allali, that this corrective law came after the evaluation process, that is, how much of the state’s expenditures was spent, especially since the state’s budget for the year 2023 is One of the largest budgets in Algerian history, indicating that these financial imbalances are also related to a fundamental aspect, which is so that there is room to prevent financial transfers from department to department and from chapter to chapter, so that there is priority given to basic procedures, and so that there is a stop to the transgressions that were taking place on The state budget, which will show, as Dr. Allali said, the extent of the ability of those managing the state budget in the correct manner, and for this reason a corrective financial law was agreed upon that will give confidence to the citizen, and it came at a time when the state carried out a huge recruitment process at the level of the Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research, and also There are some ministries that could reduce their basic budget and transfer those financial allocations to an entity that the state is currently protesting against.

Among the important axes included in the corrective finance law are the instructions that the President directed to the Minister of Finance, foremost of which is the digitization of the sector and national properties, and thus we determine the real estate properties of Algerian citizens, as well as the endorsement of agricultural, tourist, and industrial real estate in order to provide the government with a dashboard so that properties belonging to individuals and the municipality will be identified. And the state and the state, in order to facilitate the process of completing projects, and help give guarantee and confidence to investors that the financial sector has gains, considering the Ministry of Finance is the beating heart of the state and therefore it must be subjected to digitization.

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