Providing the media with a legal basis that guarantees strong practice in Algeria


Minister of Communications, Mohamed Laqab, confirmed that the draft law on print and electronic journalism came to regulate the sector and fill the gaps in it (HM)

The Minister of Communication, Mohamed Laqab, confirmed that the draft law on print and electronic journalism came to regulate the sector and fill the gaps in it, indicating that its aim is to provide the media sector with a strong legal basis that guarantees strong media practice.

Laqab explained, on Tuesday, during his presentation of the draft law on the written and electronic press, before representatives of the People’s Assembly, that the influence and danger of the media, regardless of its forms and means, calls for regulating its practice, saying, “We seek, as a higher goal, to provide the media system with a strong and solid legal basis that enables media professionals to practice… Their profession and citizens benefit from the information.”

The same minister explained that the law came to reinforce the directives of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, since the year 2020, especially since he allocated a large space to freedom of the media and the press in his 54 commitments that he pledged during the electoral campaign.

The same minister explained that the field of media and communication has witnessed great and rapid development in recent years with the emergence of new forms of media and communication, as the press has kept pace with this development and cleared the way for what has come to be called today electronic media or electronic journalism, which combines modern and traditional communication and broadcasting technologies with the computer and the Internet. The novelty in this field is evident in the possibility of sending written text, images, and audio at the same time.

The Minister of Communications stressed that electronic journalism has become one of the most widespread and influential forms of media in view of its characteristics and flexibility in transmitting news instantaneously, and in view of the ease of access to it with the possibility of purchasing it from computers, laptops, phones and smart tablets, and this is what encourages Internet surfers to turn to it and browse its contents. Even those news in the written press.

The first official in charge of the communications sector in Algeria added, “The law on the activity of the written and electronic press is a detail of what was stated in general in the media law that was previously ratified by Parliament, and comes within the framework of reviewing the legislative system for the communications sector.”

The same minister stressed that the field of written journalism has witnessed chaos in recent years, especially with the establishment of newspapers that are inactive and have no influence, whose only goal is to benefit from support and advertising funds, stressing that this law will contribute to organizing the sector for the sake of strong media practice.

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