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Air Algerie has announced the launch of several promotional offers directed at international passengers transiting through Algiers Airport, and this is within the framework of promoting Houari Boumediene Airport as an international transit hub.
The official spokesman for the national company, Amin Andalusi, explained that these promotional offers would contribute to making Algiers International Airport a hub and a distinguished transit platform between Africa and the rest of the world, and this is in accordance with the directives of the country’s higher authorities.
Air Algerie has opened several airlines to new African destinations, including the Algiers-Addis Ababa route, which was opened on September 22nd.
Andalusi pointed out, “Through these new routes, Air Algerie was able to enter a very competitive market, and this must be accompanied by an appropriate commercial strategy.”
In this regard, Air Algerie proposes to passengers traveling between Africa and other destinations via Algiers (in transit), “non-competitive” prices without service fees for the flights: Addis Ababa-Paris, Addis Ababa-Moscow, Addis Ababa-Bamako, and Addis Ababa-Istanbul.
Regarding the proposed prices for expected travel dates before March 30, 2024, the spokesman revealed that a round-trip ticket from Addis Ababa to Paris (via Algiers) starts at $529, taking into account all taxes, and starts at $544 towards Moscow, and starts at $741, taking into account all taxes. Toward Bamako, starting from $485, including all taxes, towards Istanbul.
Air Algerie also proposes promotional prices from the mentioned cities towards Addis Ababa.
Al-Andalusi stressed that “Air Algerie has the qualifications for these services,” adding that the national company has many air bridges linking it to Europe through regular flights, which allows it to offer a large number of seats at attractive prices to passengers passing through Algiers’ Houari Boumediene International Airport. .

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