Professor Tekhinissa: The Boughzoul-Djelfa-Laghouat line has a great strategic dimension in the economic and social field – Algerian Dialogue


Professor of Public Law at the University of Algiers 1, Professor Ahmed Tkhinisa, confirmed that the many projects that the President of the Republic inaugurated during his visit, which led him on Sunday to the state of Djelfa, will give a qualitative impetus in the field of economic and social development, especially the Bugzoul, Djelfa and Laghouat railway project.
During his appearance as a guest on Channel One’s “Guest of the Morning” program today, Monday, Takhinisa said, “The project to launch the new railway line linking Bougazoul, Djelfa and Laghouat, at a distance of 250 kilometers, will have a great strategic dimension in the economic and social field, given the strategic location of this steppe state in the middle of the country.” “And for its role in linking cities with remote areas.”
He also added, “This project will provide conditions for growth in the region and in the rest of the neighboring regions, especially through which this line passes, which is considered a lifeline, and will contribute to creating small, medium and large activity areas and attracting investors.”
Regarding the Green Dam project, which the President of the Republic relaunched, the spokesman explained that the President intended to involve the political, economic and civil society in this project, which he launched with a new vision and new governance within the framework of sustainable development and the new challenges that await Algeria in the environmental field in light of the climate changes that are occurring. The world knows it.”
On the other hand, “Guest of the Morning” appreciated the cancer control center project in Djelfa, which was inaugurated by the President of the Republic, noting that “it will play a major role in covering the needs of the residents of the state and various neighboring regions, and it will also reduce the burden of transporting patients and their companions to the centers located in Blida.” And Algiers.”
Tahinisa called for the necessity of preserving these gains by appointing competent men to manage these facilities and bodies responsible for monitoring and management.
On the other hand, the spokesman stressed that “the annex to the College of Medicine, which was also inaugurated by the President of the Republic, is considered an important gain for the people of the region and neighboring states, in the context of strengthening the training map and upgrading its branches, and it will also have very positive effects on the reality of health in the region.”

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