Professor Ahmed Mir: The culture of entrepreneurship has become real in the university milieu – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia


Professor Ahmed Meer, head of the National Committee for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, said that the sector’s strategy is to encourage the idea of ​​entrepreneurship in the university community, considering youth as the locomotive of economic development.
During his participation in the forum organized by Generation FM, and tagged “Youth of Algeria, the locomotive of development and economy in Algeria, victories and achievements” that the culture and thought of entrepreneurship in Algeria is currently experiencing a great movement among the youth of the university, since the issuance of Ministerial Resolution No. 75-12, which encourages Students to gain access to the world of start-ups and micro-enterprises.
The guest of the forum revealed that this decision contributed to the creation of an appropriate legal environment that encouraged the preparation and discussion of several master’s notes and doctoral theses by students by proposing innovative projects that can be embodied and transformed into emerging and mini-enterprises within the next six months.
Within this context, Professor Ahmed Mir said that the general environment has become ready through the emergence of many incubators and development centers for the establishment and dissemination of the idea of ​​entrepreneurship, technological support centers and offices to link the university with its economic and social environment.
In turn, Dr. Wali Tigresi, an economist, said that the beginning of this path was with the promulgation of the Finance Law for the year 2021, which included incentive measures, including monitoring and allocating a financial envelope estimated at 58 billion dinars in order to support, promote and encourage the establishment of startups and small enterprises in various states of the country.
And Tigressi talked about the advantages included in the investment law, including incentives and simple fees for small entrepreneurs, especially in its aspect related to supporting the knowledge economy, as it received great care with the aim of integrating it into the national digital system, and indicated that there are more reforms expected to support young entrepreneurs, including the current public procurement law. It provides for granting 25 percent of deals to small and emerging enterprises.
In the same context, Dr. Tigrsi said that young people are also betting on benefiting from a share of the industrial real estate granted by local groups, noting that such benefits should be granted to emerging and innovative institutions as they represent the main nerve of the economies of major countries and stand behind the high growth rates.

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