Proactive measures in the capital in anticipation of the fall and winter seasons


Purification of more than 64,000 sewers in the state of Algiers in anticipation of the fall and winter seasons

The Foundation for the Maintenance of Road Networks and Disinfection of the Wilaya of Algiers (Asrout) has taken proactive measures to avoid sewage blockages in the capital in anticipation of the fall and winter seasons, by purifying 64,432 cesspools (ie 85 percent of the cesspits) of various dusts and waste, especially household ones.

The director of “Asrout”, Aiter Saadoun, stated that a large percentage of the sewers are cleaned several times because of their location, especially during the months of July and August, explaining that the blockage of sewage in the capital is not the main reason for the occurrence of floods.

And he continued in the same context that the sudden and significant rise in the level of the valleys because they contain solid waste and dust after heavy rains is the main reason for this problem.

He added that the preparation for the rainy season takes place throughout the year, especially during the months of July and August, as Asrout teams roam the various urban axes in all the municipalities of the capital, to implement a plan to purify and clean sewers and sewage, drain rainwater, and monitor black spots and eliminate them in preparation for rains, especially autumn and sudden ones.

He confirmed that the field teams have also cleaned, from January to date, 25,900 units of Al-Masha’ab openings to avoid mixing soil with drinking water. And he highlighted that, since the beginning of the year until August, the employees of “Asrut” removed landfill and solid waste, adding that they also repaired sidewalks and potholes with asphalt and tiles at a distance of 224,564 square meters. They also collected waste from rubber tires, which reached 40,955 tires as of August, the official added.

It is noteworthy that the Foundation for the Maintenance of Road Networks and Purification of the Wilaya of Algiers has known development and expansion in its structure and activities system, as it has created six units distributed at the level of the fourteen administrative districts of the Wilaya of Algiers, and each unit is divided into sectors with the number of municipalities present in the territory of the administrative district, i.e. 57 sectors, in addition to a special unit On highways (Unit Axes Autoroutiers) to complete cement barriers and sidewalks.

The Corporation acquires a station for the manufacture of hot and cold asphalt, and it includes a special unit for major works, such as partial repair of roads and sidewalks, removal of dirt, building materials and backfill from public roads, replacement of equipment for the road network and clearing of sewage.

It also clears and removes weeds from the sides of the roads and follows up the completion of projects related to road protection. The implementation of new works and major repairs on the urban and secondary road network for clearance.

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