Prime Minister: “Algeria’s new renaissance will take Algeria to the highest levels.” – Algerian dialogue


Prime Minister Ayman bin Abdel Rahman confirmed the government’s continued efforts to complete the implementation of the 54 commitments of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune.

Yesterday, Ben Abdel Rahman said in a press statement in the National Assembly after a session devoted to responding to the concerns and questions of Council members about the government’s general policy statement: “We were honored by the approval of the statement at the level of the National People’s Assembly and the National Assembly, which we consider to be evidence of the government’s success in its path aimed at embodying The 54 commitments of the President of the Republic, which establish a new Algeria according to a development renaissance in all areas related to the daily life of the citizen.”

The Prime Minister considered what has been achieved to date “only part of what we must achieve,” noting that all ministerial sectors are mobilized to complete the implementation of the President of the Republic’s commitments.

Ben Abdel Rahman also stressed the need to persevere in making efforts to achieve the progress and prosperity that the citizen aspires to in all fields, noting the importance of the efforts made to establish a new economic model for the new Algeria based on diversity and exploitation of all available national capabilities, especially those industries that were neglected. Transformational, tourism, emerging enterprises, etc.

He added: “These efforts are accompanied by a renaissance that the country is witnessing in the financial field and the reform of public administration.”

“The new renaissance of Algeria will take Algeria to the highest levels. Let us be satisfied with a little, as the goals are very lofty, and we will achieve them all with all will, all dedication, all work, and all sincerity.”

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