President Tebboune’s achievements are countless


Minister of Communications, Mohamed Laqab, in his speech on the occasion of a media symposium on evaluating recruitment processes in various sectors

Minister of Communication, Mohamed Laqab, said that Algeria, under the leadership of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, has achieved many achievements at various levels, including the field of employment, and has also been able, in the midst of a global and tense environment, to achieve what the mind cannot believe.

Minister Laqab added, in his speech on the occasion of a media symposium on evaluating employment processes in various sectors, that Algeria, under the leadership of President Tebboune, has achieved tremendous efforts, adding, “If we tell it to anyone outside Algeria, they will not believe it,” indicating that these efforts in the field of employment have remained hidden to the point of There is no effort in this area.

Laqab continued, in the joint press conference with ministers of several sectors while presenting the outcome of the operational policy in Algeria, by saying: “In a global and tense environment, Algeria was able to achieve what the mind cannot believe,” adding, “When we hear these numbers in a tense global environment, especially during the extended period.” From 2020-2023, which was characterized by the Corona pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the delay in the exchange market, and others,” and he continued, “Before October 5, the World Bank said that 5 million were affected by these shocks in the Middle East and North Africa region,” adding, “We say at this time that Algeria has accomplished the impossible.” On his belief in reason.”

In another context, the same minister revealed that his sector will organize analytical and thematic seminars, and during these seminars official analyzes will be given that will benefit public opinion on the one hand and confront misinformation and propaganda. He also explained that these seminars may be thematic, as they address a specific topic and be general.

Meanwhile, the minister himself said, “We are ready to interact with all media outlets, as the first and last goal is to deliver information to citizens.” These seminars will also be at the initiative of the Ministry of Communication or any other ministry, and even at the initiative of the media.

Laqab said that the media is currently living in difficult circumstances and that they will be dealt with gradually, revealing that in late October there are laws that we are discussing, and regarding private schools, Laqab explained that there are foreign programs that were taught in some institutions, saying, “And now the state is regaining its prestige and has obligated them to national programs.”

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