President Tebboune: We are determined to achieve our strategic goals – Algerian Dialogue


Yesterday, Tuesday, the President of the Republic affirmed “the strong will, thanks to the mobilization of male and female citizens, to achieve our strategic goals in which we have been keen and will continue to be keen to rely on the facts on the ground.”
In a message addressed to the Algerian people on the eve of the commemoration of the 69th anniversary of the outbreak of the glorious Liberation Revolution, the President of the Republic said: “This endeavor is being achieved far from the pitfalls of the pulpits of slander and one-upmanship and from the propaganda clamor issued by those lining up in queues who are hostile to our dear country, and it looks forward with all resolve and steadfastness to an era of development.” And goodness, in fulfillment of what our heroic martyrs wrote.”
He pointed out that “the memory of the glorious November 1st makes us always feel the weight of responsibility and the sanctity of trust,” and on this great historical day – the President of the Republic adds – “we remember, with pride, the sacrifices made by the Algerian people during the armed struggle against the hegemony of settler colonialism, whose creed was eternal survival over Our pure land before it was refuted by the free revolutionaries who embraced jihad and charted on November 1, 1954, the path of brave heroes to victory or martyrdom.”
After stressing the importance of fulfilling the sacrifices of these heroes, the President of the Republic explained that the new Algeria “is determined to achieve the best levels of economic and social development rates by harnessing capabilities, mobilizing energies, fighting inaction, and liberation from obstacles and bureaucratic mentalities.”
On the other hand, the President of the Republic indicated that commemorating this eternal anniversary coincides with “the dangerous repercussions of the Zionist occupation’s continuation of its blatant aggression against the Palestinian people,” highlighting that “Algeria has always been alongside the Palestinian people in word and deed.”
At a time when Algeria renewed its call to all regional and international parties to seek “an urgent awakening of the conscience of the international community and to stop the arrogant aggression against children, women and the elderly,” the President of the Republic highlighted “the steadfastness of the position that expresses loyalty to our glorious history and to the eternal message of November in championing truth and adhering to supporting The Palestinian people, their just cause, and unlimited and unconditional solidarity with them in these special circumstances,” calling on “all living consciences and sincere and impartial wills to deter the full-fledged crime against humanity that the occupation is committing in front of the world.”

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