President Tebboune is keen to improve citizens’ lives


The decisions and directives of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, enabled the achievement of positive results in the field of eliminating development disparities.

The Mediator of the Republic, Majeed Amour, confirmed, on Monday, in Naama, that the decisions and directives of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, which are becoming embodied day after day on the ground, have enabled the achievement of positive results in the field of eliminating development disparities and embodying development programs that fall within the framework of improving the living conditions of citizens. .

Amour highlighted, in a meeting with civil society activists, state representatives in parliament in both chambers, and local elected representatives during the second day of his visit to the state, that the role of the Republic’s mediation body, which works to strictly follow up on the extent of implementation of these decisions, aims to listen to the citizens’ concerns, resolve them, and identify shortcomings in order to continue recording. Development operations according to the needs of the population and according to the nature of each region, while encouraging investment, entrepreneurship and wealth creation.

The same speaker stated that the citizen is at the core of the interests of the President of the Republic, who has developed a realistic and accurate vision of the shortcomings in the management of public affairs and the performance of public facilities, and the embodiment of his decisions and directives has opened new horizons for the citizen to benefit from a high-end public service.

In his speech, Ammor touched on the various decisions embodied in the field, including raising the purchasing power of the citizen, raising the monthly wage, approving the unemployment grant and increasing its value, as well as employing holders of master’s and doctoral degrees in the higher education sector, and other results achieved.

The same official reiterated the embodiment of those commitments related to moving the pace of the industrial sector by working to improve the investment climate and removing bureaucratic obstacles to pending projects, as well as the issuance of the new investment law.

On the other hand, the Republic’s mediator stressed the need to respect the day designated for receiving citizens and pay attention to the register of citizens’ complaints at the level of public administrations, while exploiting the electronic platform of the Republic’s mediation, which allows tracking citizens’ complaints and electronic windows related to the investor’s concerns and receiving suggestions related to improving the performance of the public facility.

The same official highlighted the prospects for local mobility and job creation in the industrial zone of the Naama municipality, which covers 150 hectares, and is currently ready to embrace investment projects. He called for encouraging local investment by accompanying serious investors and university youth with ideas and innovations and enabling them to realize their projects.

The various interventions of representatives of local associations during their meeting with the Republic’s mediator revolved around a number of concerns related to local development, such as registering programs to combat desertification, providing specialized health supervision, urban development, employment, industry, agriculture, and others.

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