President Tebboune congratulates Zahour and Nissi on her honor


The President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, congratulates Zahour and Nissi on the occasion of her honoring by the Kuwaiti Foundation, Souad Al-Sabah, with the Loyalty Award.

On Friday, the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, sent a telegram of congratulations to Dr. Zahour Ounissi on the occasion of her honoring by the Kuwaiti Foundation, Souad Al-Sabah, with the “Loyalty Award,” according to what was stated in a statement by the Presidency of the Republic.

The President of the Republic said in his telegram: “On the occasion of your honoring by the Kuwaiti Foundation “Souad Al-Sabah” with the “Loyalty Award” and for you to be the honored symbol of Arab culture for the year 2023, I am pleased to extend my warmest congratulations and deep appreciation to you, for this well-deserved honor that represents an appreciation for your career full of writing and creativity. And in gratitude and appreciation for your pioneering scientific, intellectual, professional and social role, which has distinguished your busy and lofty career.”

President Abdelmadjid Tebboune also wrote in the congratulatory telegram: “I wish the rising generations to derive distinction and success from you, as you are the source of giving, dedication, and sincerity in work, education, and guidance with refined treatment and high morals,” calling on them to accept the highest feelings of appreciation and respect.

For reference, on Thursday evening, in Algiers, the writer, mujahid, and former minister, Zahour Ounissi, was honored with the Kuwaiti “Loyalty Day” award granted by the Souad Al-Sabah House for Culture and Creativity. In recognition of her pioneering cultural position in the Arab world and the creativity and struggle she presented during her long and illustrious career.

The tape highlighted the most important milestones of Ounissi’s life, such as her pioneering role in highlighting the image of the struggling and creative Algerian woman. By being the first woman to be appointed minister after independence in Algeria. She is the founder of the first women’s magazine in Algeria, and on the other hand, she contributed to the establishment of several national bodies, such as the Algerian Writers Union. In addition to her role in Arabizing the Algerian media, and her distinction in literary creativity through a number of her works, such as the novel “Lunga and the Ghoul” in 1993.

The Speaker of the National Assembly said in a speech read on his behalf by Osahla, that the person being honored is Professor Zahoor Wenissi. She was victorious for her national identity and her homeland, and she was victorious for Arabism, during the struggle against colonialism and after independence, with the signature of her historical struggle, her political path, and her writings being engraved on memory. In the context of his speech, he praised the strong emotional and fraternal ties that unite Algeria and Kuwait. These ties will undoubtedly be strengthened in light of the will of the leaders of the two countries.

For his part, the Minister of Communications stressed that the freedom fighter, activist, writer, thinker, poet, politician, and diplomat, Zahoor and Nissi, deserve all appreciation and honor. Considering this honor as one of the bridges of friendship, love and brotherhood between Algeria and Kuwait.

Ounissi also considered in her speech that honoring her is a tribute to her person in practice and to Algeria as a tribute to its intellectual history. And for its literary history and its principles of defending freedom, dignity, and Arab and human honor. At the same time, she appreciated the great efforts made by Dr. Souad Muhammad Al-Sabah, “the writer, poet, and activist” in “serving Arab culture” and “building the Arab human being.” In the context of her speech, she praised the “moral and material support” of the State of Kuwait for Algeria during the liberation revolution.

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