President Tebboune condoles the Iraqi president following the fire that broke out in northern Iraq – Al-Hiwar Algeria

The President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, sent a message of condolence to the Iraqi President, Abdellatif Jamal Rashid, following the great tragedy that befell the Iraqi people, represented by the outbreak of fires in northern Iraq.

The condolence telegram stated: “In the wake of the fire that broke out in northern Iraq, which left many victims, we extend to you, to the families of the victims, and to the brotherly Iraqi people, in the name of the Algerian people and their government and on my own behalf, with our sincere condolences and deep sympathy, asking God to comfort the victims of this accident.” The painful one, with His vast mercy and forgiveness, inspires their families with patience and good condolences, and grants the injured a speedy recovery.”

The President of the Republic concluded his condolences by saying:

Please accept, Mr. President and my dear brother, the highest feelings of appreciation and respect.”

It is noteworthy that more than 200 people were killed, and more than 150 others were injured, at dawn on Wednesday, after a fire broke out during a wedding ceremony in one of the wedding halls in Nineveh Governorate, northern Iraq, according to the Iraqi Ministry of Health.

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