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Today, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, President of the Republic, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and Minister of National Defense, chaired a Council of Ministers meeting, which dealt with a draft law related to endowments, and presentations related to following up on the progress of the program for developing renewable energies, modernizing the smart phone farm, and the Green Dam, and evaluating and prospects.
After the President of the Republic opened the meeting, then listened to the agenda and the Prime Minister presented the government’s activity during the last two weeks, the President gave the following orders and directives:
1- Regarding the draft endowments law:
The President of the Republic directed the government to postpone the draft law in order to deepen and enrich the study, in accordance with new controls for the management of this important sector.
2- Regarding the progress report on the progress of digitization:
Mr. President noted with satisfaction the efforts made in the progress of the rate of digitization of data and information in many sectors, calling for more interaction and coordination between the ministerial sectors, especially in the aspect related to our pursued economic policy.
He urged Mr. President to exert more efforts and effectiveness in embodying the directives aimed at accelerating digitization.
3- Regarding the progress of the renewable energies development program:
The President of the Republic stressed the importance of developing renewable energies, taking into account the mechanisms and technological capabilities to achieve an energy transition that is studied in its finest details, taking into account the highest interests of the state and the currently existing energies.
4- About updating the smartphone market:
The President of the Republic ordered the preparation of a book of conditions for launching mobile phone installation and assembly projects in Algeria.
– Encouraging investment in the field of smart phones by integrating specialized young Algerian competencies, to develop their experiences and raise their expertise, by concluding partnerships, whether with current dealers in the national market or foreigners.
5- About the Green Dam:
Mr. President ordered the preparation of a book of conditions for the process of rebuilding the Green Dam.
– Creating youth companies that work in the field of afforestation, irrigation, care and follow-up of exploitation.
Mr. President ordered that the expansion of the Green Dam trees should also include dune areas, as they are among the sites affected by the phenomenon of advancing sand.
The Council of Ministers concludes its work by approving presidential decrees.

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