President Tebboune calls for dealing with the issue of UN Security Council reform with “great urgency and urgency” – Algerian Dialogue


The President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, stressed that the unprecedented succession of crises and conflicts in the world requires the international community “more than ever before” to deal with the file of reform of the United Nations Security Council with “great urgency and urgency,” calling for the correction of the historical injustice committed. On the African continent.
The President of the Republic said in a speech delivered on his behalf by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the National Community Abroad, Mr. Ahmed Attaf, today, Friday, before the work of the fifth summit of the Group of Ten of the African Union, concerned with the file of Security Council reform, in the city of Oyala, Equatorial Guinea, that this summit “is being held in an international context.” The region is burdened with challenges and risks, in light of a severe crisis that has affected the collective security system, and amid the almost complete paralysis that currently affects the UN Security Council.”
He added, “The rapid succession of crises, conflicts and conflicts, their accumulation in an unprecedented manner, and their escalation without actual and purposeful action by the international community to take optimal care of them imposes on the international community, more than ever before, the necessity of giving this file the necessary attention and dealing with it with all rigor, firmness and resolve,” considering This issue – as he said – “presents itself today with great urgency and urgency.”
In this context, he cited “the critical reality of the African continent, especially in the Sahel-Saharan region, which suffers from the endemic scourge of terrorism and organized crime, the spread of hotbeds of tension and instability, and the real tragedy that the Palestinians are experiencing, which is worsening day after day due to the inability of the comprehensive international system to deter the Zionist occupier from… His crimes and stop his violations against the rules of international law approved by the same international system.”
Accordingly – President Tebboune continues – this situation “has brought back to the forefront of international debate the issue of Security Council reform,” noting that the bet of the reform process “is no longer limited to achieving a council that is more representative of developing countries, led by Africa, but rather goes much beyond that, because The sustainability and continuity of the multilateral international system has truly become a test of the escalation of the logic of the balance of power, the test of the spread of the phenomenon of polarization, and the test of selectivity and discrimination in imposing respect for the rules of international law,” expressing regret that “the sharp tensions and grave divisions have become the main feature of the system of international relations at the current stage.”
Therefore – the President of the Republic adds – “the unified position of the African continent must emphasize the necessity of formulating a vision that enables this central United Nations body to distance itself from tension and polarization and focus more on the role assigned to it and the responsibility placed on it in accordance with the provisions of the United Nations Charter, with emphasis on the process of reform.” It restores the Council’s effectiveness and ability to act in the face of growing threats to international peace and security.”

The need to correct the historical injustice directed at the African continent

The President of the Republic indicated in his speech that, within the framework of governmental negotiations on the process of reforming the Security Council, Africa’s unified position “must stress the necessity of correcting the injustice imposed on the African continent, as it is the only absentee in the category of permanent members of the UN Security Council and the least represented in the category.” Non-permanent members, although they remain concerned with more than 70% of the topics and issues on the Council’s agenda.”
He continued that what is required for Africa is that “the Council reform project goes beyond the process of expanding membership to include all issues related in particular to the methods and methods of the Council’s work, the use of the veto, and the interaction between the Council and central international bodies, after we and others have gained the conviction that simply expanding membership does not necessarily guarantee the desired effectiveness.” “As long as the rules governing the Council’s work process remain the same, unchanged, undeveloped, and unimproved.”
Africa must “affirm that what is required is the necessity of adhering to the United Nations General Assembly and the governmental negotiations that take place under its dome as a comprehensive and consensual framework to undertake the issue of Security Council reform, and thus reject any attempt to diminish the credibility of this framework or marginalize it at the expense of parallel initiatives or plans that are being promoted.” Outside our international organization,” the President of the Republic says, reiterating in the same context Algeria’s constant adherence and firm commitment to the common African position as stipulated in the “Ezulwini Consensus” and the “Sirte Declaration.”
President Tebboune also affirmed that Algeria “will work during its next membership in the Security Council, in coordination with its African brothers from the Republics of Sierra Leone and Mozambique, to strengthen Africa’s voice within this central international body and defend the concerns, interests and aspirations of our countries collectively under the banner of the African Union to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and influence in defense.” About our just causes and our common interests, and convincing our partners of our rights and entitlement to them.”

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