President Tebboune approves tax exemptions to encourage activity in water desalination – El Hawar, Algeria


The President of the Republic laid the foundation stone for the completion of the seawater desalination plant “Fouca 2”, with a production capacity of 300,000 cubic meters per day. with drinking water, as the project is expected to contribute to covering the needs of about 3 million citizens of drinking water, according to the explanations provided. Algerian percent.

President Tebboune said in his statement, “Algeria enjoys the ability and ability to connect dams to push additional water towards other dams, as long as we have our own companies to ensure this connection instead of opening the dams’ valves to ensure their security and waste water,” adding that work on this matter will continue until it reaches the dams of the homeland.

The station will include several infrastructures and equipment, including electricity centers, transformers, and the electrical substation, in addition to seawater pumping stations, brine and drinking water disposal stations, as well as seawater receiving tanks, reverse osmosis water, and treatment and determination of liquids and treated water.

The completion of this station falls within the implementation of the supplementary program for the emergency plan of the public authorities approved by the President of the Republic and related to the realization of 5 new seawater desalination plants with a production capacity of 300,000 cubic meters per day each, benefiting five states, namely Oran (Cas El Abiad), Bejaia (Tegramt- Touja), Boumerdes (Cape Jannat), Tipaza (Fouca 2) and El Tarf (Koudiat El Darouch).

The entry into service of these five stations will make it possible to secure the supply of the Algerian network for the distribution of potable water through desalination of sea water, at a rate of 42 percent in the horizons of 2024, to increase this percentage to 65 percent in the horizons of 2030, while achieving full control over the completion and exploitation of water desalination plant projects. The sea to be purely Algerian companies and competencies.

The President inaugurates the Great Burns Hospital in Zeralda

Within the framework of his inspection visit, which also included the state of Algiers, at the last stop, the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, inaugurated a hospital for major burns bearing the name of the late fighter, Dr. It has a capacity of 140 beds and is run by efficient medical and administrative staff.

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