Preparing to launch two new projects in the education sector


Minister of National Education Abdelhakim Belabed in his speech during the celebration of World Teachers’ Day

The Minister of National Education, Abdelhakim Belabed, confirmed, on Wednesday, in Algiers, that fairness to teachers, respect for them, and preserving their dignity are among the priorities of the Algerian state in light of the new Algeria, revealing preparations to launch two new projects, namely the digital talking library and the interactive digital book for the English language subject for the third year of primary school. ..

In his speech during the celebration of International Teachers’ Day, in the presence of the Advisor to the President of the Republic in charge of National Education and Higher Education, Noureddine Ghawali, and members of the government and state frameworks, Belabed praised “the set of courageous and important decisions taken by the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, on many occasions.” “Including the decision to immediately appoint all contract teachers and professors in the education sector.”

He also noted all the other sovereign and sound decisions taken by the President of the Republic “to improve the professional and social conditions of the sector’s members and to reconsider the law regarding teachers, in implementation of his obligations within the framework of reforming the educational system,” in addition to the decision to review teachers’ salaries at the beginning of the year 2023.

In the same context, the minister said, “The social character of the Algerian state is not just a slogan, and wage increases and the effort to improve purchasing power are no longer just promises after the President of the Republic embodied on the ground his twenty-ninth commitment, by ensuring a decent income for the citizen,” citing “ Achieving for the first time four wage increases within 24 months, in addition to the fifth increase witnessed in 2023, making the increases reach 47 percent.”

Belabed explained, “The support was not limited to the financial aspect, but rather extended to include the social status of the professor and protecting him from all types of assault and damage to his prestige, as the President of the Republic ordered tougher penalties for those who assault professors and teachers.”

Returning to school entry for 2023/2024, the Minister confirmed that it was a “distinguished entry with many developments,” such as the inclusion of pedagogical activities related to the prevention of traffic accidents, the installation of a pedagogical treatment device for the benefit of first-year middle school students, and changing the guidance mechanisms for the mathematics division in secondary education.

The sector also recorded – adds the Minister – the employment of physical education teachers in primary schools, the employment of companions for children with autism spectrum disorder, the care of students in urban centers and new residential complexes, as well as making important strides in the field of digitization, most notably the system for managing student absences and the system for notifying and notifying parents of developments. Their children.

In the same context, Belabed revealed preparations to launch two new projects, namely the talking digital library and the interactive digital book for the English language subject for the third year of primary school.

In this regard, he mentioned the need to work to continue efforts to digitize the sector at all levels and establish a school of quality through familiarity with scientific standards, especially in the field of artificial intelligence, which is witnessing an unprecedented leap.

On the other hand, the Minister expressed the Ministry’s permanent readiness to work with social partners, considering that the draft basic law on employees belonging to the national education corps will have a positive impact among the sector’s members after its issuance, especially among professors, because it contains “new provisions that are in their interest.” .

By the way, he called on all teachers on their international day to support the efforts of the public authorities, which “have not stopped providing all the support and whatever capabilities possible to raise the status of the professor and improve the performance of the educational system.”

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