Preparing Baccalaureate 2024 questions starting from this date


The Ministry of National Education announced the start of counting questions for the subjects of the baccalaureate examination for the 2024 session, starting next January 8, after the General Inspectorate has finished selecting the subject inspectors who will participate in the forums for preparing the questions.

The National Bureau for Examinations and Competitions sent an urgent correspondence to subject inspectors regarding the start of organizing national forums for the baccalaureate examination for the June 2024 session, where the appointment of inspectors, who were selected by the Inspector General of the Ministry, to supervise the preparation of topics for the baccalaureate examination session for the June 2024 session, was officially completed. June 2024, by participating in the forums whose dates have been determined according to a special calendar.

In this context, it was officially decided to hold the first meeting to prepare questions during the period from 8 to 11 January next, while the inspectors will be scheduled for the second meeting between 15 and 8 February 2024, and the third and final forum has been scheduled for 4 to 7 next March, the correspondence adds.

In this context, the interests of the National Bureau for Examinations and Competitions called on the subject inspectors concerned with these forums to bring all the documents and references they need to complete the topics of the baccalaureate exam in paper or digital form, and the automated media programs according to the subject of their specialization, and also called on them to choose one professor who is characterized by honesty. Complete confidentiality and competence to participate in preparing the topics, provided that he does not have a relative (son, daughter, brother, or sister) who passes the exam for this course in the section in which he completes the topics.

The correspondent stressed the utmost importance of the process, demanding that it be provided as soon as possible by e-mail or fax with all the information related to those concerned, especially the name, title, work institution, state, phone number, and e-mail.

During these forums, all the subjects included in the baccalaureate exam will be studied and analyzed, through applied scientific indicators, which the national education inspectors have worked on for these subjects. The gaps in the exams will be diagnosed, the areas of difficulty in the subjects will be identified, and work will be set on setting a clear future vision for pedagogical treatment.

The tasks of the inspectors will be distributed among different workshops to come up with clear and specialized visions in accordance with the directives and recommendations of the primary official in charge of the sector, to activate their work in view of the essential pedagogical position that the Ministry of Education, through all its official structures, assigns to the evaluation process in measuring the gains of learners in general and those of candidates for national examinations in particular, as well as The General Inspectorate’s plan, which includes 25 forums, aims to give the evaluation process its scientific dimension in accordance with international standards.

Last November, registrations for the Intermediate Education Certificate and Baccalaureate Certificate exams began in the 2024 session, with the process closing on Thursday, December 21, at midnight (00.00).

Starting from this session, the Ministry abandoned the deposit of the paper file for registration in the two exams, and contented itself with filling out an electronic form, which was placed in the Ministry’s information system and through the website of the National Office for Examinations and Competitions, while adopting electronic payment technology to pay registration fees.

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