Preparing a regional marketing plan that attracts investment in the states of the country


Interior Minister Ibrahim Murad during his supervision of the inauguration of Farid Mohammadi as governor of Camp State, succeeding Rawahi Ammar

The Minister of the Interior, Ibrahim Murad, praised the tireless efforts of the security services, led by the People’s National Army, to secure the border areas from various threats and protect the national economy. He called on the governors to adopt a new, modern way to solve the problems of citizens across the states. He also stressed giving priority to accompanying the creative sectors of economic activity in relation to… The state, especially the agricultural sector.

This came during the Minister’s supervision, on Saturday, of the official inauguration of governors appointed at the level of 4 states, and this concerns each of the states of Tlemcen, Mascara, Saida and Mostaganem. The inauguration also comes in accordance with the recent movement made by the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, in the corps of governors and delegated governors. .

Murad began his mission from the state of Tlemcen, where he arrived and was received in the honorary hall of Zenata Messali Al-Hajj Airport by the former governor, Amoumn Marmouri, accompanied by the new governor, and he supervised the installation of Youssef Bechlawi as the new governor of the state.

According to a statement by the Ministry of the Interior, Youssef Bishlaoui will succeed Amoun Memori, who was appointed to the same position in the state of Saïda. The inauguration ceremony took place in the presence of the elected officials, members of the revolutionary family, representatives of constitutional bodies at the local level, local frameworks, and various civil society activities.

On this occasion, Murad gave a speech in which he emphasized the necessity of relying on a new and modern method of management with continuous field work, listening to citizens, and investing in ideas and studies that provide real solutions to the problems facing citizens’ daily lives.

He stressed that the security forces, at the forefront of which is the People’s National Army, are making unremitting efforts to secure the border areas from various threats and protect the national economy, adding that his ministry is working to implement various registered development projects and programs that are a priority for the citizen and raise the pace of their completion so that they enter into service at the best possible time.

He also stressed the continuation of the approach that was adopted regarding the developmental catch-up program that was allocated to the shadow areas, by continuing to take care of development concerns through various regular programs, according to the perspective of generalizing neighborhood development throughout the entire region of the state without excluding any region.

Regarding investment, the Minister referred to relying on maps of social and economic qualifications and investment opportunities that were prepared at the level of the various states, to support the investment movement in them while preparing an attractive regional marketing plan, while accompanying investors and ensuring the continuation of efforts to remove obstacles.

He also stressed giving priority to supporting the state’s creative sectors of economic activity, especially the agricultural sector, reviving the tourism sector, and supporting the fishing sector and water resources.

For his part, the former governor of the state of Tlemcen delivered a speech on this occasion in which he congratulated the new governor on this appointment and thanked the audience during his tenure running the state. The new governor of the state then delivered a speech in which he expressed his sincere thanks to the President of the Republic for the trust he placed in his person, expressing his determination. And his commitment to working to continue the development process and taking care of the concerns of the residents of Tlemcen Province.

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