Precautionary measures to prevent forgery crimes

The Minister of Justice, Keeper of Seals, presents the draft law on combating counterfeiting and the use of forgery before the Legal Affairs Committee of the National People’s Assembly

The Minister of Justice, Keeper of the Seals, confirmed that the draft law on combating counterfeiting and the use of counterfeits came to regulate the rules of transactions and strictly address all societal imbalances resulting from counterfeiting and the use of counterfeits.

The Minister explained during his presentation to the Legal and Administrative Affairs Committee, headed by Ahmed Boubacar, that this project aims to preserve the integrity of documents and documents to ensure the stability of transactions, and also to ensure that state aid reaches its true beneficiaries, as well as to identify crimes related to forgery and the use of forged items and the penalties applied to them, while keeping pace with developments. Known forgery methods using modern technologies.

A doctor explained that the text proposes removing all crimes of forgery and the use of counterfeits stipulated in the Penal Code and including them within this project, the scope of its application includes: forgery of documents and documents, as well as forgery to unlawfully obtain subsidies, public assistance, exemptions, or financial or tax benefits, as well as counterfeiting money and currencies. Digital, imitation of seals, stamps and marks, in addition to perjury and false oaths.

The same minister indicated that this project includes several precautionary measures that administrative authorities, public and private bodies and institutions must implement in order to prevent the occurrence of forgery crimes and the use of forged ones, such as the necessity of securing documents and documents, especially by setting technical specifications that make it difficult for them to be forged or imitated, and imposing access controls. To databases and protect sensitive data, activating post-monitoring mechanisms for the authenticity of documents deposited in any file submitted to public administrations, as well as cooperation between the state departments charged with oversight and exchanging information between various administrations directly or via the digital platform created for this purpose, while developing a national database on methods and use. The forgery and the methods and techniques used to commit it.

When addressing the penal provisions contained in the text, Tabi stated that the project includes several provisions such as establishing a judicial agent for the public treasury as a civil party in the crimes stipulated in this project when the crime causes harm to the public treasury, the possibility of resorting to electronic inspection and the special investigative methods stipulated. In the legislation in force, in order to examine them and collect evidence, and to clarify the issue of the statute of limitations in forgery crimes and how to calculate it, there is a provision for the invalidity of forged documents and documents by force of law, with the destruction of documents, documents, certificates, money, seals, stamps, stamps and marks by order of the judicial authority.

Regarding the penalties, the same minister explained that the draft proposes severe penalties that may reach 10 years for administrative documents such as certificates, licenses, etc., and is increased to 30 years in the event that the crime is committed by a judge, notary, or public official, or in collusion between them, and life imprisonment if It’s about money.

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