Postponing the 13th edition of the International Cultural Festival of Symphonic Music – Al-Hiwar Algeria


The Governorate of the International Cultural Festival of Symphonic Music announced the postponement of the thirteenth session of the festival, which was scheduled to be held from October 19 to 26, to a later date “in view of the situation that the Palestinian people are currently experiencing and in solidarity with them,” according to a statement by the governorate.
The Ministry of Culture and Arts had decided to suspend all planned celebratory activities and postpone them until a later time, as an expression of complete solidarity with the Palestinian brothers and families of the martyrs.
All these celebratory activities were suspended and postponed to a later time in view of the tragic situation that the brave Gaza is witnessing as a result of the barbaric attacks, comprehensive destruction and brutal killing of the steadfast Palestinian people, which leaves hundreds of martyrs and wounded daily.

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