Popular marches tomorrow, Thursday, in support and advocacy for the Palestinian people across all states – Al-Hiwar Algeria


Tomorrow, Thursday, massive popular marches will be organized across the various states of the country in support and advocacy for the brotherly Palestinian people, who are suffering as a result of the ongoing Zionist bombing of the Gaza Strip.

The marches come in rejection of the massacres, genocide, and displacement to which the Palestinian people are subjected, and in reinforcement of Algeria’s firm positions that the state and people are victorious for the just Palestinian cause.

It was stated in a document, signed by political parties and some civil society organizations, “In support and advocacy for the Palestinian people in their defense of the holy sites, and in rejection of the war of genocide and displacement… The political parties that signed this call… call on the Algerian people of all categories to go out in popular marches on Thursday across all states.” Motherland ” .

It is noteworthy that some Arab and European countries have gone out in massive popular marches in support of the Palestinians who have entered their 12th day of suffering from bombing, injustice and displacement.

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