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Several political parties have expressed their condemnation and denunciation of the killing of the young man, “Nael” of Algerian origin, in Nanterre, France, by a policeman, during a routine inspection.

The National Liberation Front Party confirmed that this brutal tragedy reflects the recklessness with which French police officers dealt with an unarmed young man. He wondered about the justifications on the basis of which the Algerian youth was shot and assassinated out of cold nerves.

In its statement, the party stressed opening a serious and rigorous investigation and punishing the perpetrators. It will be the only way to restore the dignity of the “Nael” family, and behind it the Algerian community, which is subjected to duplicitous transactions, referring us to the slogans of equality and freedom that the French elites praise without affecting the reality of our community, stressing in the context The same stands by the Algerian community, in order to enjoy its full and undiminished rights in light of the laws and treaties in force between the two countries.

For its part, the National Building Movement registered its full solidarity with the Algerian community residing in France. Following the horrific shooting incident of a young man of Algerian origin. By some members of the French police in a strange and controversial intervention. It led to the death of the victim in a new catastrophe added to the tragedies and suffering that she is exposed to.

In this context, she also expressed great concern about the repercussions of these incidents in the future. Hold the French authorities fully responsible for conducting a full and impartial investigation. To shed light on the circumstances of this attack and to ensure full justice for it.

I also called on them to better protect our community and take more measures. that prevent violations of their rights and respect for their sanctities. On the other hand, appreciating the position of the Algerian Foreign Ministry towards this blatant attack.

The Algerian Hope Gathering party also expressed its shock at “the death of a young man of Algerian origin in the prime of life at the hands of the French police in a tragic and provocative accident that violates the life rights of our community in the diaspora, declaring its support for all sincere efforts to uncover the circumstances of the unfortunate accident and achieve justice, peace and stability for all members of our community.” patriotism.”

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