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Every year, Algeria adheres to reviving the “Pink October” initiative dedicated to combating breast cancer, which has reached high rates in the country. It is a global initiative that began operating internationally in October 2006. This month, the world is witnessing awareness campaigns and charitable initiatives for early screening, providing information, and supporting those infected with this disease.
In this context, the “Al-Badr” Association to help patients with cancer is organizing, from October 1 to October 31, the 12th awareness campaign on early detection and prevention of breast cancer on the occasion of the “Pink October” month.
“Pink October 2023” will feature many activities, especially communication, awareness-raising, media and awareness campaigns about the importance of early detection through the media, seminars and neighborhood work.
The matter also relates to “concluding agreements between medical imaging centers for breast examination at reduced prices and various other initiatives.”
The “Al-Badr” Association, on the other hand, states that “with about 12,000 new cases recorded annually in Algeria, breast cancer is the most common among women, which requires prevention and early detection.”

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