Parliamentary committees set a program and draw a map of their work


The Education, Higher Education and Religious Affairs Committee of the National People’s Assembly holds a meeting devoted to adjusting its activity calendar (H M)

The various parliamentary committees of the National People’s Assembly began holding their meetings immediately after the official opening of the third regular parliamentary session, in order to adjust their program for this session, and to draw a map of their ruling actions.

In the context, the Education, Higher Education, Scientific Research and Religious Affairs Committee of the National People’s Assembly, chaired by Muammar Omar, Chairman of the Committee, held a meeting on Wednesday, which was devoted to setting the committee’s activity calendar during the third year of the ninth legislative period.

In a speech he delivered on the occasion, Ammar Omar, Chairman of the Committee, confirmed that this meeting falls within the enrichment of the draft work program of the Committee lined up for this year by adopting a diverse and rich work map that affects all sectors that fall within the Committee’s competence.

The program project included hearings for ministers and all actors in the sector, including unions and associations of parents of students and others, conducting information visits, participating in conferences and forums related to the committee’s terms of reference, as well as presenting proposals for laws related to the education sector, higher education and religious affairs, in addition to organizing parliamentary and study days on Educational reform, review of educational programs and curricula as well as the contents of textbooks and conceptual matrices.

After the presentation, the members of the committee exchanged views on all the proposals, and presented a number of points to set a work methodology that would help them work in a way that guarantees effectiveness and achieves tangible results on the ground.

On the other hand, the Legal and Administrative Affairs and Freedoms Committee, chaired by Ahmed Boubaker, Chairman of the Committee, met to discuss and adjust the committee’s work methodology during the third legislative session.

The Chairman of the Committee stated that the aim of the meeting is to listen to the proposals and opinions of the deputies and to consult on the optimal method of work that the Committee will adopt to conduct its work. Parliamentary day.

For their part, the members of the committee appreciated the programming of information missions and the organization of a parliamentary day. In addition, they presented a number of proposals. During their interventions, they stressed the need to adopt a precise plan of action to study draft laws. The deputies also raised many points that would contribute to organizing and facilitating the work of the committee.

In a related context, the Health, Social Affairs, Labor and Vocational Training Committee held a meeting chaired by Nasseri Zohir, and was devoted to setting the committee’s work schedule for the third legislative session.

During this meeting, the Chairman of the Committee clarified that the axes of the works schedule are underlined in accordance with the powers vested in the Committee, in accordance with the provisions of Article 28 of the Rules of Procedure of the National People’s Assembly, indicating that these works will be divided into a framework for studying draft laws and a framework for hearings, parliamentary and study days. And the information missions, which will be devoted to studying the reality and developments in the sectors of health, industry and pharmaceutical production, labor and employment and social security, national solidarity, family and women’s issues, education and vocational training, mujahideen and people with rights.

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