Parents of students receive points sheets


Today, most educational institutions at the national level organize an open day to receive parents of students, hand over transcripts, and meet professors.

The Ministry of National Education had previously designated Thursday as an open day to receive parents of students and hand over to them their children’s points lists, provided that this takes place between nine o’clock in the morning and two o’clock in the afternoon.

The Minister of National Education, Abdelhakim Belabed, ordered the necessity of handing over the scoresheets to the students before the school holiday, stressing the necessity of following up on the processes of correcting the first semester tests with the students, and keeping the grades on the digital floor in anticipation of extracting the scoresheets and delivering them to the students’ parents on the open day scheduled for Thursday.

Belabed also urged education directors to visit institutions on this day to find out how the process of submitting transcripts and meeting parents with teachers is going.

The Minister ordered the education directors to continue the effort to sensitize the remaining small number of employees of the assistance services to the professional integration and social integration of certificate holders in order to benefit from the integration process, whether at the rank of education supervisor in primary schools or in other ministerial sectors within the framework of the state committee appointed for this purpose before the end of the specified deadlines. This process is dated December 31, 2023 in accordance with the provisions of Executive Decree No. 19-336 of December 8, 2019, as amended and its implementing texts.

Regarding the closure of the fiscal year, the senior official at the Ministry of Education urged “to complete all operations and liquidate all administrative and accounting positions scheduled for the year 2023 within the deadlines set for them before the end of the year, and to take advantage of the winter holiday in the maintenance process and address deficiencies, if any.”

In the same context, Belabed stressed that there should be no laxity in following up on the provision of heating and ensuring its continuity of operation by inspecting various devices and maintaining the broken ones according to the mechanisms that have been established in this regard.

Regarding the results achieved in exams during the semester in the intermediate and secondary levels, the National Secretary in charge of information and communication at the Syndicate of Education Inspectors, Riyahi Mahmoud, described them in a media statement, indicating that the students made significant efforts to obtain grades that would qualify them to move to the higher sections, especially in the subjects of mathematics, natural sciences, and languages.

Among the factors that led to achieving these results – according to Riahi – related to supervision and management, in addition to the recommendations directed to directors of educational institutions and inspectors related to the pedagogical monitoring of the professor and supporting him in overcoming the obstacles he faces during the learning process.

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