Parents encourage their children to cheat in primary school exams


Education unions, parents of students, and psychologists have sounded the alarm over the phenomenon of cheating in tests in the primary stage, especially after this shameful phenomenon became legalized by some parents who do not feel guilty about this shameful act of their children, but rather see it as a means to success.

In this regard, the head of the National Union of Parents of Pupils, Saadi Hamid, said that the phenomenon of cheating in tests poses a great danger to students, especially at the primary level, where students at a young age become accustomed to this shameful act at the instigation of their mothers.

The speaker wondered: What do we expect from such students who are accustomed to cheating in exams, even though this phenomenon is forbidden by law?

Saadi Hamid expressed his deep regret at the spread of this phenomenon among students at the instigation of some parents, especially mothers, because they want their children to succeed in any way, even if by cheating. He cited in his speech the phenomenon of cheating that was discovered in the past years for baccalaureate candidates, after they were caught red-handed in collusion. With their parents via Bluetooth.

In turn, Yazid Bouanane, in charge of information at the Independent National Council of Secondary School Principals “Kendal,” believes that this shameful phenomenon has negative repercussions on the student’s behavior, as it encourages him to be negligent in revising his lessons and striving to achieve well in the school classroom, in addition to being considered an entry point to encourage the student and the child. To follow other behaviors that are inconsistent with society’s morals, such as lying, stealing, etc.

The spokesman added that the phenomenon of cheating in exams is an extremely negative phenomenon, especially when we allow or encourage a student in the early stages of study to cheat in the exam in order to ensure success or move to the next stage at a distorted level.

The speaker said, if the role of professors and educators is to raise awareness of these students and alert them to the danger of this phenomenon on their real level and their academic and professional future; The role of guardians, especially mothers, seems more dangerous, given that mothers, especially those with limited academic levels, want to see their children successful or have better grades than their other classmates.

Bouanane continued by saying: “Mothers resort to the method of comparison between the grades of their sons and daughters, with the sons and daughters of neighbors and relatives, which puts the student in a critical psychological situation that makes him search for obtaining the grade by any means possible, and the easiest of these means is cheating; Which we often find some mothers encouraging.”

The spokesman said that parents are required to cooperate with educators and professors, to find appropriate solutions and search for the social and psychological reasons that stand as a stumbling block to their children’s comprehension and understanding of educational lessons and curricula, instead of searching for their success by any means, even if it is cheating, because sooner or later their children will be exposed. Their true level, and there will come a time or place where they cannot cheat, and then it will be difficult to address the existing problem.

For her part, psychotherapist Dr. Aisha Shabaki Boudiaf said that mothers who incite their children to cheat do not know that they are preparing for a major disaster, as these students will learn to lie and steal.

The specialist added that this shameful phenomenon, which has become a permissible habit among some mothers, wants their children to succeed no matter what the cost, but they do not realize the consequences of this act, which our honorable Messenger Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, forbade us from doing.

Aisha Shabaki believes that a student who succeeds by cheating is impossible to succeed in the future, adding that the joy of success will be fake, because this student transferred or obtained his degree by cheating.

Regarding some mothers’ incitement to their children to cheat in exams, the specialist says that these people do not care about academic achievement, but rather what is important to them is their children’s success in order to brag about them in front of their relatives.

Shebaki warned against this dangerous matter, saying that mothers should know that the matter is very dangerous, as this phenomenon is considered betrayal above all else, betrayal of the teacher, and theft, and teaches the child arrogance, violence, and narcissism. Therefore, it must be fought to eliminate it through teachers’ strictness in guarding and not allowing… For any student who cheats.

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