Palestinian praise for President Tebboune’s decision – Algerian Dialogue


The representative of the Hamas movement in Algeria, Youssef Hamdan Abu Bakr, appreciated the decision of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, to send urgent humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, today, Saturday.

Hamdan stressed that this humanitarian and fraternal step “indicates Algeria’s advanced position in defending the Palestinian right and standing by the people who are being exposed to war crimes in the battle to defend Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa.”

The movement’s representative also explained that this aid comes at a time when the Palestinian people are waiting from the Arab and Islamic world for “urgent intervention at the level of civil defense teams, which would assist in rescue operations and remove hundreds of martyrs and wounded from under the rubble.”

In his speech, Hamdan called for speeding up the opening of the Rafah crossing without conditions or restrictions, especially since hospitals in the Gaza Strip are witnessing an overcrowding of thousands of wounded people in conditions that threaten a serious health disaster.

On the other hand, the spokesman praised Algeria’s position regarding its reservations about participating in the Egypt Peace Summit, noting that it was held at a time when the Palestinians were being slaughtered in full view of the world, as he put it.

He also considered that any summit or positions that equate the victim and the executioner and do not side with the Palestinians’ right to defend themselves, represents a political distraction that gives the Zionist occupation more time to continue its heinous practices against the Palestinian people, stressing that it “will not lead to peace with a criminal enemy that violates international law.” And the humanitarian.”

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